BCS Registration Just Around The Corner


In about 90 minutes, I will be hosting a presentation between a very large Manufacturer and a specifying customer of theirs.  There are two key goals: present the content that the manufacturer has made as well as solicit feedback from the customer. Ultimately this benefits both parties. 

There’s a really important trend in all of this. As somebody who works very closely with both manufacturers and designers, I get asked to do these presentations at an increasing rate. These are unique opportunities for both parties to ‘come to an agreement’ about streamlining workflows.

Coming to an agreement is exactly what the Building Content Summit is all about.

So while you can’t yet register for BCS, you can get excited that designers, manufacturers, service providers, contractors owners and even the software providers are finally beginning to tune in to the needs of others. The tide is shifting. We need to come together to properly resolve BIM to Operations workflow.

We know that you all get it. Nearly 50% of registered RTCNA delegates indicated their interest in attending BCS during registration.

We expect registration to open this weekend!  Stay tuned!

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