BCS Speaker Spotlight: Don Bokmiller

Don Bokmiller, BIM Specialist at Schneider Electric will be hosting a panel discussion Thursday, August 9th at this year’s BCS in St Louis.  Working on the BIM content side for a manufacturer, We reached out to Don to get his unique point-of-view and learn a little more.


What is the title of the presentation?

The session is a Panel discussion called: Are you content with manufacturer’s content?

This will feature representatives from architecture, mechanical and electrical engineering, a manufacturer, and a BIM consultant to openly discuss content and how it is delivered and used, along with what users expect from manufacturer content.


What is the one thing you hope attendees get out of your session?

We hope that attendees will gain an understanding of the viewpoints of other users in the industry, and to know that manufacturers are interested in providing quality content based on the end user’s needs.

We want attendees to understand that designers, contractors and manufacturers can work together to establish industry standards for content. We want them to know that manufacturers can be a BIM resource beyond simply providing models of their products.


How/ why did you get involved with Building Content Summit?

From what I’ve heard of past BCS events there was little  participation by manufacturers. We feel like there should be representation of the manufacturing side of BIM. Product providers need to hear the needs of designers and contractors, and understand how content is used in common workflows.


Why you are you interested in these topics?

We feel there is a gap in the industry (especially for electrical BIM) and Schneider is committed to being a resource beyond providing content.

We recognize that BIM has become the standard for how building projects are done so we are continually improving our products, services and expertise to assist our customers with their design and construction needs.


What challenges have you faced that you have overcome or are still wrestling with?

One of the main debates we face is the use of generic content versus product specific content and in the process have learnt that there is more  to quality content than its geometry. We are still wrestling with how the industry can close the gap between a design model and a construction model.


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