BCS:ER – “We Fight for the Users”

The term “Manufacturer Content” is something of a misnomer. Sure it represents products in a model, but isn’t it really “Product Content”? Seems like they’d be the same thing but it comes down to who designs it. This is where BIM Content Developers run into trouble, needing to satisfy the client and give them what they want; they’re always right, right?

Do NOT answer that; as content providers, who really is our “client”?

Manufacturers are not in the business of BIM, rather the business of products. While BIM content is a highly technical document to the BIM user, it’s merely a means to an end for someone selling products; an essential piece of marketing collateral. Manufacturers often walk into BIM with delusions of grandeur in what their BIM should look like, ending up disappointed when it looks more like Pixar than TRON.

In any industry, a good consultant wants to please their client, give them what they want and build a relationship that secures ongoing work. That formula works great when the client knows what they need, but is rarely the case with BIM consulting for manufacturers. Through working with hundreds of manufacturers over the past 10 years, I’ve found that most manufacturers really need guidance on what they need from someone who understands both the AEC industry and their products.

Unless the manufacturer is well versed in BIM and all that surrounds it, a content service provider should be thought of like a specialized marketing and advertising adviser, and the focus needs to be shifted to the needs of the people that use the BIM files, not the manufacturer. You wouldn’t advertise to yourself would you?

Regardless of who signs our check, content should be built at the behest of a manufacturer but for the User, the true “client” of a Content Developer.

At this year’s BCS, we are introducing a collaborative space at the center of the action that will allow Building Product Manufacturers, BIM users, and Content Service Providers to learn from each other and to further the industry by providing better content. Whether you view it as the “Engine Room”, “Emergency Room”, “Education Retreat” or just that “Extra Rest” you need during the day, the BCS – E.R. provides something that all attendees can benefit from.

  • Manufacturers…
    • Get the BIM answers you’ve been looking for.
    • Work with service providers to optimize your BIM.
    • Educate BIM Users/Managers on properly specifying and design using their products.
    • Get feedback and ask the burning questions.
  • Service Providers…
    • Help users and manufacturers in improving content.
    • Build relationships and pitch BIM services.
    • Make a name for yourself.
  • BIM Users/Managers…
    • Help Service Providers build content to suit your needs.
    • Learn tips and tricks from content experts.
    • Understand better product selection principles.

Designed as educational think tank meets show floor, the ER is seated tables surrounded by a periphery of 30+ kiosks representing manufacturers and BIM experts, all there to deliberate BIM content. Open before, during and after sessions, all are welcome to come and go as they please to help us Fight for the Users. Learn from and share with your peers or meet with clients and providers, just don’t miss it.

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