Beat Those Winter BIM Blues

A few weeks back at work after BILT, the cold weather has really set in (for those of us here in ANZ), and the excitement and learning of BILT seem to have faded. After returning to work with so much enthusiasm for everything we were going to try and do new or differently and maybe nothing has changed. So now is the time to make a plan of what to implant post BILT (and how to make sure your managers see value in your attending again next year!)

The most important thing to remember is you have access to ALL, yes that’s right, all of the presentation materials – not just the classes you attended. To download the materials you can either use the app or visit our website. You will have to find the password we originally emailed you – as access to the materials is one of the privileges of having been a delegate to BILTanz, we can’t just publish it here!

Now make some plans about what to do with those materials. Were there classes you missed? Pick one or two and commit to working through the handouts (a really great idea for labs or more technically focussed classes). Got questions or find a great handout – many of our speakers would love to connect via social media and hear your feedback or answer questions.

Have you yet presented to your team about BILT? Maybe you have done a general overview presentation, but how about you teach them some classes. Again, armed with presentations and handouts – you can plan a whole year’s worth of lunch and learns just from BILT materials.
What about all those notes, tweets or to dos you made yourself during the event? A few weeks out is a great time to go back and review and I’ll bet there is at least one thing you can implement right now on a current project and a few more you can add to whatever productivity/to do tools you use to make sure it doesn’t just die away.

Finally, have you thought about speaking at next year’s event? Start jotting down your abstract ideas now and it will be much easier to think of something come abstract time.

And if all that is not enough – maybe you can manage to fit in a work trip or holiday to coincide with BILTNA in Toronto, Canada in August or BILTeur in Aarhus, Denmark in October and get a double dose of BILT this year. Meanwhile I’m off to learn about  dynamo (this year will be the year I learn it I really promise) and plan my holiday to Denmark. 

Featured image:JJ Thompson

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