BHAG vs The Cause

dreamstime_m_37771872I had read an article some time ago highlighting a cultural difference where in the US, people may well be motivated by the BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal), Australians were not.  In fact, we Aussies tended to view the BHAG with suspicion and were more likely to be motivated by a cause.  I share with a number of my peers the opinion that evidence of this has been the advancement of BIM with the Australian AEC space without any real official mandate these past decades,  In this past decade RTC Australasia has evolved into the premier BIM knowledge and networking event in Australia.  This has been no mean feat and has consumed much energy from the many committed individuals paid and volunteers, past and present, within the organising committee.  All have been committed to the cause of improving our industry through the use of BIM and related technologies,

In reviewing our 2015 Australasian event for AECbytesJames Vandezande, Director of Design Technology, HOK also highlights a number of the challenges that the event and ultimately all of ourselves face moving forward.  Change is inevitable as many of us have already experienced through the evolution of our professional roles and responsibilities.

What has been encouraging is the grass roots phenomena that has sprung up to fill the space between the yearly events like RTC Australasia and the platform agnostic user groups.  I am of course talking about events like BrisBIM who recently celebrated their 2 year anniversary and MELBIM who have now hosted 3 events selling out 300 tickets to each.  There now appears to be an equivalent event in all Australian capital cities.  Filling the space between RTC Australasia and the professional and governmental organisations, we see the continued growth of Collaborate ANZ, BIM MEPaus, Consult Australia, BuildingSMART, etc.

The cause down under continues with plenty of opportunity to contribute at local, state and national levels as BIM finds a greater foot hold in manufacturing and building operations as well as early steps in Infrastructure.  I can’t wait to see what turns up as we call for abstracts for the 2016 RTC Australasian event in a couple of weeks’ time.

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