Big News in Hong Kong

So this is big.  The Hong Kong Government is getting into the BIM game.

The full document can be reviewed here.

My experience in Asia has shown that both direction and support from the government is essential in spurring  BIM adoption to flourish.  This is a long awaited statement for Hong Kong, and I am eager to see how it develops in to action.  I am excited.

My hope is that the HK government will review both the successes and shortcomings of other institutional attempts to implement the technology.   There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to the broad , divergent needs of the construction sector, especially in a dynamic & vibrant economy like Hong Kong’s.

Bringing this policy statement to life should  include not just a holistic framework for skills training and  equipment upgrades. Well considered incentives and education for clients and end-users is also crucial.  If the drivers of capital investment fully understand the methods, benefits, and best practices of BIM, the productivity benefits Madame Lam seeks are sure to arrive very quickly.

We salute this policy decision and are eager to assist in any way we can.





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