BILT ANZ 2017 Keynote Announcement

On behalf of my fellow BILT ANZ committee members, I’m delighted to announce that our 2017 event keynote speaker will be Dr. Louise Mahler.

Dr Mahler is a dynamic leadership influencer. As a motivator, challenger, disrupter, teacher and innovator many say she is one of the most exciting female speakers on the global stage today.

Her entertaining, interactive and highly practical methods revolutionise the way business leaders influence.

What sets her apart is her winning mix of body language, vocal intelligence and mental patterning to coach executives to deal with difficult, and often hostile, daily scenarios such as stressful boardroom confrontations, media interviews and staff interaction.

Not only are there outstanding results, but participants say how they feel ‘released’ and ‘in control’ and all this from a journey peppered with large doses of wit, sparkle and humour. People leave her sessions energized and transformed.

Her keynote “The Missing Ingredient of Leadership” will be a highly engaging presentation, providing attendees with an acute understanding of their own physical and vocal options as an integral part of motivating and inspiring others.  They’ll have the opportunity to diagnose their own habitual patterns of engagement, and build new skills to be more effective communicators.

I’ve personally witnessed her present previously, and I have to say she took me by surprise.  I didn’t have any expectations, but so much of what she said rang true – thinking of our industry and the way some of us struggle to be heard and understood, amidst challenging  environments. Immediately I thought she’d make a great keynote at one of our own events – particularly as we strive to work more effectively with others in our (historically siloed) industry for collective benefit.

For those who attended our 2016 event in the Hunter Valley, the event where I met Dr. Mahler was also where I met our 2016 keynote speaker, Dave Rendall, who was also a great inspiration to those who witnessed his message.

The 2017 program is well developed, with responses to the record number of abstracts due to go out to the authors this week.  This is the first time that our first advertised speaker is the keynote!  I hope to see many of you in Adelaide in May 2017!

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