BILT ANZ Announces AIQS Support

It is with great excitement that we can today announce that the Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors (AIQS) is supporting BILT ANZ 2017.

AIQS President, Peter Clack explains why: “For too long, the uptake of BIM within the construction industry has occurred without the involvement of, or thought for quantity surveyors, which yields sub-optimal outcomes for clients and their projects. To address this, the Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors is actively developing strategies aimed at ensuring that BIM technology can be utilised to provide cost effective construction information.”

AIQS CEO Grant Warner adds: “We see the BILT event and community as a facilitator of opportunities to actively engage multiple industry players, and for quantity surveyors to be more engaged, and better able to contribute increased value to clients and their projects.

“We are committed to keeping our membership equipped to deal with changes in industry – and being more capable with respect to new technology and ‘data-savviness’ is critical.”

The AIQS’s objectives will be presented at BILT ANZ 2017 by Andrew Brady, Managing Director of GRC Quantity Surveyors and board member of AIQS, who remarks: “This session and this event is for quantity surveyors or estimators who want to see their industry flourish in the coming decade rather than continue to struggle against current challenges of receiving inconsistent and unreliable data from upstream collaborators.”

The AIQS is seeking contribution from its membership and industry more broadly – noting the solutions aren’t the exclusive domain of its current membership; and seeking active collaboration with other industry players to achieve real outcomes.

Notably, the event will also be recognised for award of CPD points by the AIQS. AIQS members will also be eligible for a discounted registration to the event.

The Estimation stream runs from May 26-27, though all are welcome to register for the full event. For more information, or to register for the Estimation stream of the event, please visit Enquiries can be directed to or to

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