BILT ASIA 2018: Photos from the event now available to view!

While it has been over a month since our amazing BILT ASIA 2018, we are still looking back on it with nostalgia and pride. With many of you still reminiscing fondly of the event we figured we’d post some of our favourite pics for everyone to see. We have also uploaded a folder of pics to plunder which is available on our facebook page RTC Events Management but in the meantime, here are some of our personal favourites.


Keynote Paul Doherty really grasping the topic


“Alright hold up guys, I think I have an idea”

“Now this is important guys!”

Checking out some cool VR gadgets

Looks like someone’s enjoying the Oyster bar!

Our Group of Amazing Speakers and Sponsors from the event!


Thanks everyone for a fantastic event! Make sure you keep an eye out in the next few weeks for the announcement of next year’s DBEI days for cities and dates!

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