BILT Europe 2018 – looking from the angle of contractors, facility managers and building operators.

These days people in the building industry are seeing more and more utilization of BIM Methodologies on the side of contractors, in facility management as well as on the building operations side.

To cater to the interests of people responsible for the aforementioned tasks, BILT Europe went to lengths building an exciting program especially for this area. Let’s take a closer look:

Day one features Christopher Rossetto talking about “BIM Runner – Design the Perfect BIM Manager” followed by Oliver Burkler with “Enabling BIM for the broad industry”. More interested in 4D/5D? Here we will make an announcement for a special session upcoming soon – so stay tuned.

Back to the programme, the first day also sports Susanne Lund and Magnus Therkildsen elaborating about Large project with “Revit integration for Quantifying the 5D data in Sigma”. Contractors and cost estimators beware – this is definitely something for you.

Then – still on day one – we also have David Delgado Vendrell talking about Multidisciplinary Data Exchange with ArchiCAD. Enticing.

After a good day of learning and the subsequent welcome function we’ll all be fresh and prepared for day number two.

Marzia Bolpagni is starting the day with “Effective ‘LOD’ Implementation in Projects” – a topic of critical interest for downstream model use such as facility management and operations. Facility Managers and Building Operators – be aware – the second time slot on day two features Nis Boile Christensen talking about “Datadriven Facility Management – Value-based ICT” and “BIM for Clients and Building Owners”. This will be an exciting class to look forward to when coming from an operations angle.

There is little time to breathe – the time slot features Igor Starkov on “BIM CDE and COBie for QC, Handover and Facility Management – Case Studies” or listen to Angie Mendez, Margarida Jeronimo Barbosa elaborating on “How to transform BIM data into exciting assets for designers,city planners and developers: BIM workflows beyond the construction industry”. Choices, choices, choices to make.

At the end of the day a bold topic Martijn de Riet will talk about a “Case Study: developing a new FM strategy for 610.000m2 real estate”. That should be enough input for a single day – now lets grab some refreshments at the Friday Evening dinner.

Saturday morning can be rough, especially for all of us who had a very good time Friday night and Ljubljana might just be the place for it to be.  So take a deep breath, Saturday morning starts with Kelly Cone speaking about “Faster, More Accurate As Built Modeling: EdgeWise” to the rescue!

Following that we have Martin Röck on “Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and BIM – What you should know.”

To finish it all off there is Jack Stewart elaborating on “Data > Build – The Gantry project as a built example of pure data-driven-design and delivery”. Pretty awesome topics, great classes.

By this time the program closes with our Vision 20/20 competition and the Wrap up with BILT Europe’s chairman Marcus Fich. Then rush to change into your evening wear and enjoy our Gala Dinner. It’ll be grand. I am very much looking forward seeing you there.

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