BILT Europe Speaker Spotlight: Tony Woods

This week we present yet another talented BILT Europe speaker, who brings with him a unique point of view from the AEC industry to whet your appetite for the event in October. Introducing, Tony Woods, managing director of Midland Steel who will be presenting “Innovation through 3D BIM in prefabricated Rebar solutions” Tony passionately promotes BIM solutions to the rebar industry and strives to innovate with prefabricated solutions in reinforcing industry. Working with some of the world’s largest steel mills securing premium material supplies, he provides his clients with quality deliverable products and commercially-viable, value-engineering solutions.

Tell us a little about yourself…

My name is Tony Woods , I am extremely passionate about innovation in the concrete and steel industry being in the industry for the past 34 years. I am an avid Gaa fan (this is Ireland’s heritage sport ) and enjoy playing and now coaching juveniles in my local club and area. I am a native off Tipperary in Ireland married to Jo, my wife, and have two children, Andrea & Paul.

As a sports man and having played hurling in my younger days, I am passionate about the game it’s development and its progression and giving something back to the young juveniles who play by coaching them. I also enjoy music, film and innovation i.e. being different.

Check out the link below to give you a insight into our games:

 When starting  my business , I made myself one promise , that anything I did in business would be done right professionally and to be different from the rest. I am extremely competitive by nature and thrive on the thrill off a challenge ,” tell me it can’t be done “ and I’ll do it ! Every problem has a answer , every Game has a winner … 


Our theme this year is ‘Death of Disciplinary Silos and Birth of Integrated Industries’ – what does that mean to you? Is BIM and digitization breaking down old borders and hierarchies?  

I think that this year’s theme, ‘Death of Disciplinary Silos and Birth of Integrated Industries’ is not only very apt in its description, but is also timed perfectly. In general terms, people are very conservative. They don’t like change and if it’s not broken don’t fix it. I often hear comments like “we always do it this way”. Leaders lead, Followers follow , but if the leaders don’t change, the followers forever sit still in time.

 In my opinion, there has always been up until recently a barrier distinction between engineer, contractor and fabricator. The process of working collaboratively has never been better than now with the BIM  process. Barriers such as poor communication between structural designers and fabricators is now being removed. Working in individual silos and the feeling of “Them vs Us” is now removed with the collaboration of all parties working through problems collaborating with each other as partners all with the one end goal. 

However, many are still being left behind. This change of mindset is currently the biggest restriction we are currently facing as an industry. I believe there is no doubt when BIM is adopted freely with a open mind amongst all parties right from inception of the model, the entire building lifecycle process is faster, better, more efficient and cost effective and provides far better quality off work, However we are not quite there yet. 

In my line of work it all comes down to the provision of the models. Currently, the world has different views about the provision and requirements of a 3D model and its application. Some believe these models are for visualisation only, not realising the power of a BIM model and the efficiency it can bring. As a result, we then have to re-work the model to the proper geometry, with more time and more costs. Once everyone buys into the “We are actually going to build from the model” this will be fixed, however someone has to lead the process in stages of development. We are currently implementing this in our own processes with great success, but it needs to be adopted by all.

And finally tell us about your session and what you’re looking forward to at this year’s BILT Europe?

My session at this year’s BILT Europe, covers what is now possible through 3D rebar modelling detailing and using the BIM process as a tool to collaborate between multiple parties, to improve communication and the creation of a seamless  working environment. Our motivation is to be different in our approach by breaking down the boundaries and proving the efficiency of the Digital world now as we see it, then bringing that right through to our fabrication facilities.


Being a newcomer to BILT but having presented at similar events, I am really looking forward to the communication and networking with like minded individuals, with the same goals and aspirations as myself and seeing how much the boundaries can be pushed to achieve better and greater things. It make this a very enjoyable process and broadens the mind to new innovations in the world.


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