BILT For Cross-Pollination

Given the reasons BILT has been established, and the wider range of material you can access across the conference sessions, I would encourage those attending to consider attending some sessions that may not at first seem like an automatic choice.

One of my favourite words of late has been ‘cross-pollination‘. If the company we keep (at events, for example) is too often just like ourselves, we don’t develop a rounded set of skills or experiences. If we are to actively combat and break down the siloed traditions of our industry, we must mix our company and be prepared to learn how others work, learn and behave.

When we learn from those different than ourselves, we can cross-pollinate ideas, knowledge and skills – and develop a genuine empathy for others, and why they do what they do. We presume the best about others rather than the worst. We stop and consider impact of our actions on others. When this is reciprocated, we find it easier to actively collaborate and function as a team. Doing so improves communication, productivity and effectiveness. You begin to see issues as opportunities, rather than problems. You look for solutions rather than others to blame.

Picks and clicks only take us so far. We still need to work with people to get the job done. Technology may help, but to change people’s hearts and minds – which drive their behaviour – we need to get people together. That’s partly why BILT exists. Come and be a part of change in our industry. Learn from others like, and unlike yourselves.

I am looking forward to hearing from our attendees what they learn from participating in BILT that they would not have learnt otherwise. I know I’ll be attending sessions outside my comfort zone precisely for the reasons I’ve described above. Lead by example, right?

This is the kind of culture I want for our industry. How about you?

Image credit: “Bee on Pink Flower” by Schnaepfli via Flickr

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