BILT SG infiltration at Aarhus

I am so excited to be at BILT EU next week

And the only thing better than going to a conference is to go with a friend!

Yessir… two speakers on the roster will be coming from Singapore.

Richard  Kuppusamy from the Asia Committee is giving a great talk on BIM Documentation for High Rise Buildings (Session 3.4 on Saturday, 7 September at 2:30pm)

I’m going to talk about the Singapore BIM Mandate (Session 2.3 on Friday, 6 September at 1.00pm).

We are going to hear that lion roar next week….

Can’t wait.  It’s so cool to be part of a global crew.  So many old friends to see again, and new faces to meet at these conferences.

Don’t live your life in a bubble!  This family is for you too!

BILT Asia 2018 registration will be opening soon! Watch this space for details.

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