BILT Vision 20/20 – Europe 2018 edition

The BILT Vision 20/20 Session, which we traditionally hold at the end of our event, refers to the format of the session in which 3 finalists (as judged by our committee) present a total of 20 slides @ 20 seconds each on the theme of this year’s event (which our chairman Marcus presented in his blog “The Death of Disciplinary Silos and Birth of integrated Industries”)

Out of interest, 20/20 vision refers in ophthalmology to visual acuity, which is the clarity of sharpness and vision. Literally it means you have average eye sight when you are able to read a specific line on an eye chart standing 20 feet away from it. It also means having 20/20 vision is not ‘perfect’ vision.

Which directly leads me to mention that our Vision 20/20 is not designed to be perfect either, but instead empowers you to express your interpretation of this years’ theme and provides us all an opportunity to learn about your thoughts, your ideas, your questions, and to challenge our own ideas and interpretations.

You can share your ideas for a presentation you would like to give by submitting below – we accept almost all shapes and forms, may it be a one pager, an entire presentation, a video or a simple document. Everyone who registers to BILT Europe is eligible to submit and if you are selected as a finalist we spoil you with prizes!

The winning Vision 20/20 entitles the presenter to a speakership at BILT Europe 2019 including all speakership benefits plus 4 nights of accommodation. It also gives you all the kudos and acclaim (or notoriety…) of your peers in the industry, from your local community and around the world! This is a perfect way to dip your toe in the water as a presenter, to get yourself noticed, to build on your career and your CV.

Our second prize, is a collection of things you can BILT! Worth 700 Euros this is a worthy prize for the 1st runner up to continue their BILTing jouney.

Lastly our third prize is a special survival kit for the BIM-pocalypse. Complete with everything you might need should the world be taken over by robots. Worth 300 euros this prize is sure to have a collection of gadgets and gifts that you’ll find both amusing and useful.

Sound like your cuppa tea? To find out more details and to enter visit the site.

Or see this year’s BILT ANZ Vision 20/20 Winner Nathan Love on his topic:

The Dangers of Technology



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