BILTing new improvements in ANZ

Here at BILT we are always looking at ways to improve the BILT event experience, and one of the key ways we do that is by listening to speaker and delegate feedback.  Yes, every time you tell any of our committee members something about how BILT could be better we are listening (and often taking notes).  This occurs both during the events themselves, but also informally throughout the year in person, via our feedback surveys and even social media.  While you are all traveling home on a Sunday after BILT our hardworking committee members are workshopping and sharing notes about what went well and what could be improved on next year.  When we meet again a few months later, we go over all of these notes as well as a report on the feedback survey and we look at what we can achieve and implement for the next event. This year we thought we would share with you some upcoming improvements and changes (and others we are still working on):

One of the biggest complaints we get in relation to classes is ‘the class wasn’t what I expected’.  In order to address this, we are continually working with our speakers to ensure that the name of the class and the synopsis give you a good idea what the class will actually be about. This year, to further assist you in choosing your sessions we will publish the full abstract which will provide you with more detail and hopefully this will happen less often.  We have also added a tag to identify which software package the class is primarily about. We also encourage delegates not to feel they have to remain in a session that they are not gaining anything from, most speakers will be understanding if you do get up and leave having realised the content is just not quite right for you.

Being a tech conference wi-fi is important.  While we emphasize this to our venues, they don’t always quite seem to believe us when we tell them to expect to have three devices per delegate connected… if you have wi-fi problems on site please do let us know as then we can jump onto it straight away to try to improve things.

Our app is an important part of finding your way around and choosing your sessions.  Every year we make small changes and improvements to the app.  This year the most important change – it has been renamed so we no longer have a problem with the android store!

We know that when you are at a conference for three days, eating is important and trying to juggle your plate and a drink while networking isn’t always what you want to be doing. This year the exhibition hall will have more high tables and lounge spaces to give you somewhere to put your plate or sit down while lunch is in progress.  While our Saturday night function will no longer be a sit down dinner (more news on that later!), Friday night will be a sit down meal instead.  If you have special dietary requirements, we are always doing our best to cater for you but obviously we are reliant upon our catering on and off  site.  If ever you have a problem, please find one of our events staff or committee members and we will do our best to deal with it immediately.

On the topic of food and drink – yes, the Berocca fountain will be back this year.

We are frequently asked if sessions can be recorded to be shared online – this is something we are actively investigating however the cost of filming all sessions would be prohibitive.  We are considering filming some sessions at future events.

In other ideas we are introducing a Vision 20/20 competition and also an exhibitors Presentation Zone – both of which have previously featured at BILT EUR.  We have also decided it was time to retire Glorious Gadgets.  We are also starting to go green by retiring the printed handbook (if you want one they will be available at the registration desk).  Keep reading the blog for more announcements about whats new at BILT ANZ in 2018.

We are always happy to listen to your feedback, find us on twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook or email us

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