BILTna 2017 Speaker Spotlights!

Aracely Argumaniz Thompson | Supervising Designer/VDC Manager at PARSONS
Sesson: A Marriage of Transportation Software: Successful workflows for BIM Rail and Infrastructure

Who am I? This is a tough question to answer because it all depends on when you ask. At work, I’m a VDC Leader for a transportation engineering company. Company wide I guide and assist with the implementation, development and research of BIM applications. On projects, I transition infrastructure and rail projects to BIM by developing workflows to coordinate horizontal alignment files with vertical station designs using world coordinates. I also work closely with Autodesk to test and develop workflows on infrastructure projects. Most recently we streamlined the integration of C3d corridor solids and pipe networks into Revit. The tedious process of mesh conversion and family creation has been condensed to a push of a button which creates a Revit project with world coordinates.

After work I’m a single mom of four, two boys and two fur girls. You’ll rarely find me at home as I’m either at a hockey or soccer game, camping with the Cub Scouts, running den meetings or planning an outing for the Boy scouts. Sitting at home idle is not for me; neither is cleaning the house. I prefer to be out bonding and having fun with my boys. When we don’t have any events, we spend our time hunting for antiques at flea markets and garage sales. We each have our own collection; the boys love collecting rocks and I have recently been collecting records and 78’s for my Victrola and mid-century record console. I enjoy the simplicity and quality of vintage technology.

This year’s session focuses on the complexities of transportation BIM projects and how to integrate the various files needed for below grade, at grade or above grade design. It’s called “A Marriage of Transportation Software: Successful workflows for BIM Rail and Infrastructure”. I’ll use the countries first dynamic BIM project, the Los Angeles Metro Purple Line Extension, to discuss the challenges, workflows and solutions to using BIM for rail and infrastructure. How do you manage the design of emergency evacuation stairs when you have existing water mains and Wilshire Blvd above you? How do you manage 10+ discipline files using various BIM software to compile an integrated model? The challenges faced on this project are unique to the project type, but the workarounds and workflow will benefit anyone.

I enjoy what I do because it’s challenging. BIM is more than a process it’s a challenge to make the complexities of each dimension (3d, 4d, 5d…) simpler and faster. It’s about meshing and molding design software to find solutions for multiplatform collaboration. There is no better place to find your answers or dive into a BIM-ology conversation than BILT. Here you find likeminded individuals who are as passionate as you to discuss technology and development. It’s a support system for BIM fundamentalists who are eager to push limits in technology, software and process’s. BILT is a community of professionals and friends who help you succeed; it’s why I attend and encourage you to be a part of the community.

Marcus Brand | Senior BIM Specialist at Maxson Engineering
Session: Smart-MEP Families

I’m Marcus Brand from the great state of Colorado. I’m the BIM manager and a mechanical designer at Maxson Engineering. As of late, a good majority of the projects I get to work on are for the Aerospace Industry. Projects like satellite assembly and testing facilities, drone manufacturing facilities and clean rooms.

If I’m not investigating ways to integrate new BIM technologies and ideas into our workflows, you can find me out in the magnificent Colorado wilderness riding my bike. Mountain Biking is by far my second passion in life, I also quite enjoy snowmobiling and snowboarding in the winter.

New experiences and adventures drives my life. Getting to the next bend in the trail ahead to see and experience  that new moment is what it’s all about. That’s why being a part of the BIM community is so fulfilling to me. I get to explore new technologies and ideas almost on a daily basis.

My session title is “Smart-MEP Families“. With the industry tightening up around us, budgets, timeframes, physical space, etc. Building in some engineering automation can really help with efficiency and accuracy. And the best think about BILT?  Well of course the social functions are incredibly enjoyable, but I quite like learning from my peers who use these technologies in

And the best think about BILT?  Well of course the social functions are incredibly enjoyable, but I quite like learning from my peers who use these technologies in real world applications. I can’t think of a better way to learn and grow the industry.

Brad Prestbo | Sr. Associate at Saski Associates
Session: Architecture Disrupted:  Transforming an Evolving Industry

Hi there!  I’m Brad Prestbo from Sasaki. I practice at the intersection of art and building science, which combine in an architectural alchemy that resolves clients’ needs and embraces the surrounding context. One side of me is obsessed by technique and detail. The other is spontaneous, adaptive, and wary of getting bogged down with complicated processes. This duality manifests in being a practicing architect who works on a variety of project types, disciplines and scales; helping make people successful — from emerging professionals to seasoned veterans — through teaching, product and service development, and mentorship; and in leading a cross-disciplinary group of “pirates” doing epic stuff in our Technical Resource Group (TRG).  Having help found and been part of TRG for a decade, I now act as a mentor to the next generation of thinkers and makers.

The world is so full of interesting things, it can be difficult to stay focused!  Some days are dedicated to binge watching Netflix, other days can be filled with impromptu cookouts and dinner parties.  Last night my daughters and I built an awesome cardboard box fort, complete with a tower and drawbridge It helps to have an inquisitive nature and a drive to understand how things work.  The scope of curiosity ranges from cooking, reading up on quantum mechanics (Idoit’s Guide) to learning a better way to tie your shoes.

Our session title is “Architecture Disrupted:  Transforming an Evolving Industry”  The conventional fee-for-labor architectural business model is dead. Our session will discuss alternative business models which will allow us to deliver design excellence while creating additional revenue streams.How can we use these new business models to call into question every aspect of how we design, buy, make, move, and sells goods. For example, prototyping and manufacturing building components that could be commercially available in different ways — from direct to consumer products via interfaces that allow them to specify different configurations. Given all the potential efficiencies of a highly integrated digital fabrication system, business process management may become the most important capability.

The RTC and now BILT community that has been built over the years to help folks be successful.  Our profession is not very good at sharing lessons learned and other experiences — BiLT provides a safe harbor for folks to meet wonderful new people and where we can exchange ideas to build a better tomorrow.

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