BILTna 2017 Speaker Spotlights!

Nick Hugley | VDC Manager at AECOM Hunt
Session: Your Models have a Ton of Value

I’m Nick Hugley, raised in Detroit, playing house in a small farming community in Indiana and working in Indianapolis.

Arcs, lines and circles have been a part of my life since the early 80’s,  I’ve spent the last 18 years as the CAD/BIM Manager for a structural engineering firm, working on a variety of projects for a variety of clients. The most recent 2 years I moved from design to construction where I’m currently the Sr Regional VDC Manager for AECOM Hunt. I’m constantly supporting our VDC Engineers, projects and project pursuits. I wanted to get on the construction side of things because I think construction has the best opportunity to get the most out of the models and software.

My BILT 2017 session is “Your Models have a Ton of Value”, this is so true and we’re going to squeeze it out!  I want design professionals to know they are doing a great job, models are getting so much better and LOD is rising.  I’m an active member in the Indianapolis Revit User Group (RUGIndy) which is morphing into a BIM user group much like RTC to BILT.

My two kids are young adults now so with our free time my wife Lori and I destination travel to concerts, music festivals and for Lori any beach.  After being a RTC attendee a few times I’m very excited to be a presenter at BILT this year and look forward to spending some time visiting Toronto.

Jon Mirtschin | Structural Engineer and Software Developer at Geometry Gym
Session: Back To the Future BIM

I’m fortunate to live in Port Fairy in Regional Australia with my wife Kerri and our two young children. In my spare time is enjoyed at the beach, fishing, farming, playgrounds and walks.

My role as a software developer has been to assist with interoperability for architects, engineers and builders. This has primarily been Grasshopper to Revit. But as a 3rd party developer with 10 years of project experience as a structural engineer, I’ve been successful at quickly enabling functionality on a short time frame to aid projects.

My BILT presentation is “Back To the Future BIM”.  I worked on Eureka Tower in Melbourne (300 metre Residential) as my very first project, and found out 8 years later that Fender Katsalidis modelled this project in ARCHICAD (we xref’d their DWG as we used AutoCAD as structural engineers).

I look at some recent research about analyzing their 15 year old Archicad model in ETABS and recent BIM to Structural Analysis tools I’ve been developing. I’ve enjoyed the past 4 BILT events in Australia, I’m looking forward to meeting many clients and contacts in person after years of online/phone interactions.

Troy Thurlwell | Director of BIM Strategy at Anguleris
Session:Ecosystem Workflows for Product Data in Revit

I am an architect by trade, but am the Director of BIM Strategy for BIMsmith. Basically, I work on process improvement, quality control, staff management, and new initiative/ technology development. All those fun buzz words to say, I make things run smoothly, and help the staff to work at their best.

First and foremost, my family (wife and 2 kids). There truly is never a dull moment with them. I also enjoy wood working, not whittling, but building things from wood. Apart from that, I enjoy spending time with friends and family, as well as gardening.

I am constantly learning new things and seeing how those things and ideas bring my team’s creations to life. At BIMsmith, we are constantly challenging each other’s preconceived thoughts, and working to make things better than average. We know that there is always a better and faster way to accomplish tasks, and it’s my joy to help that discovery turn into reality.

My session is, “Ecosystem Workflows for Product Data in Revit”. It’s a discussion that is happening across the industry on when and how to use specified content. This is a discussion on improving our workflows so that they are more efficient, more organized, have synchronization across a firm and project life cycle, and also a discussion on what attendees have done to make their workflows better. It’s essentially a tips and tricks class that will help everyone to better understand product data, but will also equip them to make time-saving and simple workflow changes immediately.

Why BILT? Being able to speak the language that is usually reserved for the office or peers, with total strangers. I love getting different perspectives on what I have been doing for almost a decade. It keeps me sharp, and helps me to approach problems in a new way with different perspectives.

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