BILTna 2017 Speaker Spotlights!

Jeff Morris | Senior Application Expert for IMAGINiT Technologies
Session: Infraworks & Revit: New tools for City Planners, using technology to find out things we didn’t yet know!

A seasoned professional with more than 20 years industry expertise, Jeff understands not just the technology but also how it works in real-world projects. When not at work, I’m interested in getting back to nature, martial arts, jogging and energy generation via solar and tidal power.

My career has been divided between CAD / BIM Management and Application Expertise for Autodesk resellers. As a CAD / BIM Manager, he’s worked with small and large firms, private sector and Federal Government, Canada and USA, Architecture/Interior firms and Civil/Survey firms, as well as multi-discipline AEC firms. As an Application Expert, he’s split his expertise between the Building and the Infrastructure Industries.
As a result, I’m very interested in workflow; how to use the plethora of specialized software available today to best achieve the final product of the clients, which in most cases are the final plotted drawings describing their design. He continues to keep an eye on developments in such tools to prepare the client for new means and methods of products and deliverables.


Tobias Hawthorn | Principal User Experience Designer at Autodesk
Sesssion: More FormIt 360 (+Revit), Less Napkin Sketches!

I’m Tobias Hathorn, User Experience Designer for FormIt with a background in Revit. I get to work right in the middle of a dynamic trio of demanding stakeholders: customers; software developers; and Autodesk’s management. This means weaving together several viewpoints, requests, and requirements into an achievable plan; a releasable software product; and ultimately a cohesive, enjoyable experience that solves a business problem.

I love puzzles and games and– like a Rubik’s cube, Tetris, Escape Room, Crosswords – etc. I live in Boulder, Colorado so there is considerable peer pressure to participate in the local customs. I frequently bike, swim, run – while teaching my 2 kids to bike, swim, and at least walk – then drink craft beer at any number of breweries.

I’m motivated by getting to the root of a blocking issue – solving a puzzle at any scale – that smooths out a workflow, or opens possibilities that weren’t there before. I love connecting disparate pieces together and creating a sense of harmony  that wasn’t there before I was invited to help address a situation.

I’m at BiLT this year talking about how to work with FormIt as a general content creator for Revit (not just an early stage massing tool). Revit as a parametric system is first in class, but as a design exploration tool – you need to be BIM Level: ninja to exceed. So, until that day – get your design team members to put down tools like SketchUp and participate in a BIM process. I’ll show a few use cases of why that’s a good idea, and how to do it yourself.

I’m looking forward to BILTna because the conference’s attendees have the perfect level of skill, passion – and are the leaders who have the savvy to implement process change. Folks at BiLT are skeptical, knowledgeable, and interested in compelling efficiencies – as well as future trends – so the conversations are rich and focused.


Amber Young | Electrical Engineer at Affiliated Engineers
Session: Breaking the Constraints: Utilizing Connectors

I am a military wife that moves every few years, which keeps things interesting. I was born and raised in the Midwest, lived 4 years on the East Coast and currently residing in the Pacific Northwest until the next big move.

I enjoy constantly pushing the boundary of what software can do to help make my workflows easier and allow for easier sharing of information across offices. My role primarily, is Electrical Engineer for AEI, however I am actively involved in our BIM initiatives and constantly try to push everyone’s comfort level to try new things.

My session is “Breaking the Constraints: Utilizing Connectors”. It is focusing on how to resolve limitations of Revit in regards to Electrical Design. This presentation will showcase ways that I have adapted to handle multiple circuits, switch legs, outside consultants and how to efficiently produce record Electrical drawings for permit packages. The workflows/families shown are fairly straight forward but the savings and benefits they give to electrical engineers are great.

This is my first time attending BiLT and I look forward to networking with everyone to learn new ideas on how to further BIM and innovation within engineering.


Jason Boehning| Building Content Manager at CADLearning
LAB: Dynamo DesignScript for MEP

First and foremost I am a husband and a father. I have been married to my wonderful wife, Kendra, for 9 years. (She has been to several BILT social functions over the years.) We have two boys, Kenson (5) and Connor (3). We spend a lot of time together as a family. I’ve spent a lot of time designing and building forts and Ninja Warrior obstacles for my boys (after first designing them in Revit, of course)!

My passion in life is to do my best to add value to people and help others. I joined CADLearning so that I could help people. I love digging into problems and working to find solutions. I have been privileged to speak at RTC for the past 4 years and have been able to share some of the solutions I’ve came up with. For the past 2 years I’ve had sessions on Dynamo. This year I have another session on Dynamo, but it is a lab. This is actually my first lab at any conference. I’m really looking forward to it because Dynamo is difficult to just talk about. It will be fun having everyone be able to follow along with what I’m showing.

One of my favorite things about BILT is getting to know design professionals from all over the world. I’ve made some very close friends over the years. While the BILT events provide time to learn and discuss industry problems, they also provide time to network and get to know people outside of work. And the fact that we get to travel around to different cities and experience different events during the conference is a bonus!

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