BILTna 2017 Speaker Spotlights!

Elaine Lee | Senior Associate at Perkins Eastman
Session: 5 BIM Planning Lessons from Interior Designers Willing to Incorporate Revit into Their Design Process

Last week, I joined 28 other presenters for “Speedtallks: Ripple Effects”. An event sponsored by four different LA architectural organizations, focused on equity in design. The focus of Ripple Effects was to describe work in any sector that goes beyond a day-to-day job and creates community impact or affects the greater good in any way. We were also asked to write a haiku to introduce something interesting about ourselves. At first I thought a haiku was too cutesy, until I put some words together about the things that I do:

architect, writer, presenter, storyteller
UX Designer

Maybe a haiku is not so silly, but this one has no verbs, so it’s just a list. My ripple effect story started with taking a risk and proposing a topic to share at BILT, which turned into opportunities to present in places around the world and enjoy some unique experiences that come with — the audience loved seeing the party in a palace in Porto. And all those unique experiences turned into crafting a workshop about proposal writing and how to develop an idea to pitch for any event or activity, because you never know where you might find yourself if you are willing to just take a risk.

At BILT NA, my session, “5 BIM Planning Lessons from Interior Designers Willing to Incorporate Revit into Their Design Process,” was inspired by positive experiences from working with interior designers on projects. I miss working with in-house interior designers. They were my favorite peers during a time when firms were migrating to Revit, because they were willing to listen and try. They also explained their perspectives about how Revit could fit into what they were doing and when they would be in Revit — they had a reasonable strategy in mind. Often under pressure to accomplish a lot of work quickly, they always managed to organize themselves, stay focused on what is important, and get everything done on time — all things worth learning how to do and encourage with future project teams. This session will be on Saturday afternoon, which is a nice time to relax a little and experience the concept of “yes, and …” a method of encouraging collaboration and continued learning with teams.


James Vandezande AIA | Director of Design Technology at HOK
Session: Effective Model-based Coordination Using Revit and Open Standards

Deep down, I really still am an Architect at heart, but for the past 15 years I have lived on the Dark Side…as an Architectural Technologist! What drove me to this side of the industry is an incessant need to improve efficiency and quality. Every day I ask myself and my team, “Is there a better way to do that?

In my current role at HOK, I help define the firm-wide strategies for acquiring and implementing all design technologies from BIM to computational design to virtual reality. In my opinion, we have the best team of seasoned professionals in firm-wide and regional technology leadership roles. I am also proud to be serving as the chair of the board of directors for BIMForum, the US Chapter of buildingSMART International.

I have four amazing kids and my loving wife deserves a shot at the Nobel Peace Prize for putting up with my constant travel. I have developed a love-hate relationship with the wonderful sport of golf and from time to time, I will break out my portable DJ equipment to relive my glory days as a successful entertainer at weddings and bar mitzvahs all over the United States.

My class, “Effective Model-based Coordination Using Revit and Open Standards” (aka Open Standards DO Work!!), is important for several reasons. First, everyone in the AEC industry should become familiar with open BIM standards to allow us the flexibility to use any modeling or coordination software that meets our needs. Second, I will dispel the myths that these open standards don’t work. And finally, 3D Coordination is always seen as “low-hanging fruit” in the BIM community, but are we really doing it correctly? I will cover some best practices for coordination to make sure we can manage this important process properly and achieve effective results.

Why do I keep coming back to BILT and RTC Events? Quite frankly, Wes Benn is one of the coolest people I know and he should be a candidate to become the next “Most Interesting Man in the World.” But seriously, this event is unlike any other because of its DEPTH. Depth in terms of class content and expert speakers. Depth in terms of expanding specialty events like the Content Summit and DTS. And my favorite, some of the deepest professional and personal relationships forged in the social opportunities at a BILT conference.


Matt Wash | Design Technology Coordinator at BVN and Arup
Session: Taking BIM for Structural Engineering to infinity and Beyond

I’m a Structural Engineer and whatever the latest buzz word is for BIM Manager / Digital Design Leader / VDC Coordinator. My role at Arup and BVN is to look at how we can improve our productivity and efficiency through the use of digital technology and lean construction principles.

Outside of work I am a craft beer addict. One of the main reasons for coming to BILT was to be able to travel around Canada and the US to sample some fine brews! But seriously – I am motivated by changing the way the construction industry operates by automating the mundane, to allow focus on creativity. Designing flexible workflows allows me to finish work on time and spend more quality time with my wife and two year old daughter.

My session title is “Taking BIM for Structural Engineering to infinity and Beyond” and is the 3rd and final installment in a trilogy of talks spanning the last three years. Having recently joined BVN Architecture after 20 years at Arup, I really should change the title as the processes and tools are just as applicable to all disciplines in the AEC industry.

What I enjoy most about BILT is the opportunity to meet like minded people who all share a passion for digital design ( and maybe a beer or two ;) ).

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