BILTna 2017 Top Ten

Congratulations to this year’s BILT North America Top Ten speakers! Once again the Keynote Speaker was in the Top 10 – and moving up from last year’s 4th position to this year’s pole position! Congratulations Dave Rendall!

One minor note for speakers noting that your speaker scores may be slightly different than the score shown below. The scores in the table below have been  weighted and adjusted to account for speaker materials as well as a minimum number of responses.

Here’s the final rankings. Congratulations Joe Banks! By the way – turns out Joe actually misrepresented the number of window permutations in the title of his session. It’s actually trillions when you do the math. :)

Congratulations to all of our speakers! Thanks to everyone for your hard work and attention to detail that you bring to your BILT North America labs, lectures and round tables.

So what are you waiting for? Time to start thinking about next year’s submissions – and yes – I’m looking at you Carl Storms :)

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