BILTna 2018 Venue St. Louis Union Station

The BILTna team try to do our best to select unique and memorable venues that help foster and build a sense of community. There needs to be adequate classroom spaces that can accommodate our unique AV requirements. There needs to be Lab spaces that can maintain power requirements for dozens of computers. The exhibition space needs to be relaxing for exhibitors who will spend considerable time in their booths – but also inviting for breaks and meals. We think this years venue is going to be very, very special.UNADJUSTEDNONRAW thumb bbbe

The St. Louis Union Station originally opened in 1894 and for the next 30 years remained the largest railroad terminal in America. 50 year later, flight was a more frequent mode of long distance travel. As a result, the train station was practically abandoned by the 70’s. Fortunately, the building was recognized as historically significant and mothballed until subsequent renovations in 1980’s, 2010’s and even present day.UNADJUSTEDNONRAW thumb bbae

The grand hall is truly grand – and the long bar (right) will make for a relaxing gathering space after a long day of classes. More info about the history and current use of the hotel (now a Hilton Hotel property) can be found here, here and here.

So why not take the train to St. Louis?! The Amtrak station (new) is walking distance from the hotel. And even if you fly to St. Louis, the metro line from the airport to downtown is also a short walk to the hotel.


We look forward to welcoming you all to St. Louis!

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