BILTna and BILTeur Marketing Partner Anne Katrine Okholm Skole of DANISH™

In order to promote BILTeur with her readers, we’ve asked Anne Katrine Okholm Skole to join us at BILTna conference and report directly on what’s in store for the subscribers and fan base of DANISH™. That’s Anne on the right side of the above header image and BILTs very own Silvia Taurer on the left.

Anne Katrine is the design editor of DANISH™– an online magazine dedicated to promoting architecture and design. We are very honored to have Anne Katrine attend this years North American and European conference and hope that you’ll welcome her into the BILT community when you meet her in Toronto this August.

We asked Anne Katrine to answer a few questions ahead of the North American conference and she was happy to oblige us!

Who you are and what you do (not just your title…what you really do!)?

My name is Anne Katrine Okholm Skole. Ever since I could walk and talk I have been telling stories. Either by dancing and expressing myself through movements as a modern dancer or through words as a journalist. These last years I have put the dancing aside – due to my increasing age and combined my journalistic passion with marketing-activities. At this point I´m the editor of DANISH™, which is an online magazine promoting Danish design and architecture abroad. As the editor of DANISH™ I also take care of all communications leaving house which publishes DANISH™. This organization is called D2i – Design to innovate. This organization works with strategic design across businesses and industries, primarely in Denmark.

As a small side-job I work as tv-hostess for The National Danish Television Broadcaster DR (trans: Denmarks Radio and Television Broadcasting Network) Here I do entertainment programmes about design and antiques.

What is interesting about what you do (what motivates you at both work and play)?

When I use the #tag: #ilovemyjob it´s at times where I get to meet competent people within my own business as well as other branches. I find people and the way they combine their knowledge with their personality very inspiring. I also like the fact that I rarely have similar days – so I get to use a lot of different skills of my own in order to handle or ensure things are done – and done properly. I´m motivated by unknown challenges and unknown solutions, but I´m also very fund of aesthetiques: beautiful lines in a building, colours or shapes in a product, elegant language or positive people. Quitting dancing has lowered my level of play, so at this point I´m working towards getting more playfulness into my work. Otherwise I will be forced to find a hobby!

What’s the state of the Danish BIM Community?

At this point the Danish industry of architecture is very aware about the existence of BIM. Some would even dare to use the expression: Danish architecture is at the forefront when it comes to utilise BIM – but to my knowledge it´s also a bit confused about whether there´s right and a wrong path to choose. There is different collaborations engaging in different conventions about BIM – so how do you choose BIM without maybe “unchoosing” your neighbour/your colleague or similar.

How can BILT help the Danish BIM Community?

I believe the size and the ambition within BILT will help the Danish BIM Community to get a more clear view on how BIM can increase the precision within the projects going on in the Danish building industry.

Thanks Anne Katrine!

Next steps? Now that you know a bit about Anne please introduce yourself to her during the North American BILT conference in Toronto. Please let her know what you enjoy about BILT and being part of the broader BILT community!

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