BILTna 2018 Keynote Speaker Announced!

Hello Everyone. Meet Andrea Vaccaro. Andrea is a Director for Hyperloop One in Los Angeles.

RTC Events is incredibly pleased to announce that Andrea’s accepted our invitation to be the keynote speaker for BILTna 2018!

Andrea leads the Safety & Mission Assurance department at Virgin Hyperloop One. He is responsible for defining the safety requirements for the Hyperloop system (in accordance to existing and newly proposed standards) and crafting the certification strategy in conjunction with National Safety Authorities around the world. Quality Assurance and Environmental requirements are also part of his responsibilities.

Andrea has led global design infrastructure of multi-billion dollar driverless metro systems across Europe and the United States including the first fully autonomous metro in the USA. He has also designed radio-frequency controls for Linear Particle Accelerators, and fast orbit feedback systems for Synchrotrons at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

He holds an MS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Genova, Italy and is a member of IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Society (ITSS) and Project Management Institute.


Fitting, no? Think about it. 

A little more than 100 years ago, the St. Louis Union Station was one of the world’s largest and busiest rail stations. During the 1940’s, more than 100,000 passengers passed through St. Louis Union Station per day. The station platform (below) will accommodate the BILTna 2018 conference exhibition space and gala dinner.


What an appropriate venue to talk about the future of transportation, which is really about the future of culture, commerce, cities and how people will live – the realm of architecture, design and construction.

We welcome delegates, sponsors and exhibitors who will no doubt have a direct hand in building the transportation centers of the future. Why not attend BILTna 2018 to begin thinking about the future of transportation now?

Andrea’s Keynote is entitled: “Connecting the Dots: The Future of Mobility and the Rise of Mega-Regions”. This presentation is more of a social, cultural and economic framework. Consider the implications of 1) being able to travel 4X faster than high speed rail while using 2) less than 25% energy per passenger for 3) point to point destinations that 4) depart / arrive multiple times per hour.

Of course, we expect you’ll have a few questions!

As a result, Andrea has graciously agreed to present another session after his keynote. The second session is entitled, “Lessons in Disruption: Hyperloop Safety & Regulatory Approach”. This session is more of a technical and logistic deep dive in to the details of design, engineering and constructibility of hyperloop transportation.

Does your company want to participate in the design, engineering and construction of 21st century transportation? This is an incredibly unique and early opportunity to meet Andrea in person and get a seat at the table.

So what are you waiting for? You can either stand by and merely anticipate the future or you can dig in and facilitate it. Register today.

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