BIM and The Industrial Revolution

Last week, I was incredibly pleased to welcome Andrew Milburn to Singapore. He happened to be in town. I’m a big fan of his work presented in his blog, SHADES of GREY and he was kind enough to come give a talk at our Forum for Advanced Revit Training in Singapore.


A really talented guy, his presentation focused on using Revit to address the traditional need of architects to sketch as a way of understanding space and form.

So what does this have to do with child labor? The last point Andrew made that he views “BIM” as a label for all the advances that digital technology is bringing to the buildings industry today. Much as “The Industrial Revolution” encompasses the changes of factories, steam, fossil fuels, manufacturing, and how these technologies changed life in the 1800’s.

I really liked this concept. So long have I grappled with the question of “What is BIM”?  There are so many answers and none of them are wrong.

Now I have the right metaphor to explain it to others. Specificity when trying to apply BIM in context is the key to success.

Thanks Andy.

You can find Andy’s review of his time in Singapore here.

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