BIM & FM Surveillance in Action

Singapore has always taken a proactive approach to embracing and adopting new technology. Several years ago, an institute called NCS was formed to study opportunities to leverage data for use by the nation’s government and industry. Their efforts fit right in with what IBM is doing in the “Smart Cities” space.

They invited some of my colleagues over for a tour to show some of the neat things they are working on which may be of interest to us and other retail developers.  As part of the tour, they took us into the control room for the building to illustrate some of the capabilities they were talking about.

This is the view showing all of Singapore on a typical Thursday. Primarily traffic monitoring info gleaned out of Google.
This was a chart showing every ‘enabled’ sensor in the building and how they linked back to the central command station.
So they could bring up simple stuff, like the video camera at the entry, showing people queued up to get on the bus for lunch.

But this is where it got “BIM-my”. They had taken a 3D model of the building and could overlay camera feeds from different rooms into the virtual world.

This was a view of the control room we were sitting in. I am the guy in the front row taking the picture.
Cafeteria Space
Elevator Lobby

It was interesting. Maybe not the highest and best use of BIM in building operations that gets touted at conferences, but I thought it was neat to see models integrated in practical use.

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