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Oculus rift 3 1

The commercial release of the Oculus Rift this spring (or fall, depending on your favorite hemisphere) bears reminding that Revizto is one of the first commercially available non-game apps for the AEC industry with VR capability.  I was really impressed with Revizto via the Oculus Rift at RTC Australasia in May. The advantages of immersing your entire field of view can’t be understated. And unlike some of the motor racing games we tried to configure for the viewer, Revizto’s setup was remarkably straightforward; just plug the headset into the computer and run the Revizto Viewer. Any model in Revizto can be viewed via the Rift immediately thereafter.

The other thing worth mentioning is Revizto’s integration with Igloo 360. An ‘igloo’ is a cylindrical room where models can be viewed interactively in 360 degrees. There seems to be enormous advantages for a ‘big room’, where all the project reviews could occur during design and construction.

Revizto is a great example of how well-integrated hardware and software can really enhance what you do. They’ll be at RTC North America in July, so if you register for the event, you will have the chance to experience this amazing tech first-hand!


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