BIM – Trends and Innovations (BIMTI) Another Step Towards the BIM Year in Portugal



BIM is a growing subject for the Portuguese AECO community thanks to the dissemination and implementation support given by national BIM initiatives, such as the Technical Standardisation Committee for BIM, CT 197, chaired by Prof. António Aguiar Costa.

Without the government support it has been difficult to keep track with countries like Norway, Finland or more recently the UK where BIM is already mandatory for public procurement. However, the BIM awareness is increasing in Portugal and both the industry and the clients are starting to support BIM implementation.
This year has been from the beginning the one with more volunteer initiatives, more conferences, more meetings and more discussions and brainstorming around BIM in Portugal. The momentum that naturally has been created, accentuated even more with the choice of Portugal as the venue for RTC Europe 2016 to be held between 20th and 22th October at the Alfandega Porto Congress Center, making 2016 the BIM year in Portugal.

Trends and Innovation 2

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Case study from LEICA Geosystems Portugal comparing a BIM Model with the Point Cloud survey from the construction site


The BIM Year in Portugal is becoming a true movement, bringing companies and professionals together with the help of RTC, that as joined efforts with ISEPBIM on a partnership in order to enhance the spread of the BIM word in Portugal.

A result of this partnership is the BIM – Trends and Innovation (BIMTI) taking place on September 14 at ISEP facilities in Porto. BIMTI has the purpose of joining the main representatives of companies and professionals from all over the country and from all the Construction related services that might have an interest on BIM. We want to provide not only a learning experience from the main subjects that the organisation thinks are important for the companies to be aware of, but also a significant networking experience to catalyse the BIM implementation level in Portugal.

The BIMTI will feature national and international speakers that are references on BIM, representing universities and companies like Autodesk Forge, ASITE, EDP, SIEMENS, LEICA and RTC with the Keynote Speaker Wesley Benn.

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Detailed agenda of the event.
The BIMTI was designed to clarify the decision-makers, key influencers and industry professionals, about the key technologies used in BIM with a view to effective collaborative work. The conference will also include a state of the art session that aims to capture a wider range of participants, especially students and professionals less familiar with BIM technologies.

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We appeal to your participation in this event!

We have to thank our sponsors for helping us make BIMTI a reality.

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