Namaste: Breathing Through the New Year

Another set of year end holidays are upon us. Time for friends, family, food and festivities. And let’s be honest…frustrations. Wait what? Do I dare malign this incredibly special and precious time of year? Nope. Like I said…let’s be honest.

Technology? We – the BILT community – is largely composed of deeply technical people. Most of us are borderline introverts. We like solving problems. We like working. Difficult technical tasks are actually welcome to us. Technology often creates engrossing and predictable challenges. We often prefer the peace and quiet of being engrossed.

People? People are not so easy. They’re complicated. Unpredictable. Create unanticipated demands. They’re noisy. They visit early and stay late. They talk about people and things and politics and religion and generally topics we often find trivial or inconsequential. They take the expensive bottle from the top shelf and mix their drink with diet coke. Arrrghghgh.

That’s why there’s Budda Box ( Because what we need is, “More quality one on one time…with our phone.”

Screen Shot 2018-12-11 at 9.30.23 AM.png

Okay – obviously this is a parody. But it stings a bit, no? No? Hello? Mind looking up from your phone? I’m trying to make a point. The holidays are coming. You’re not prepared. You like technology and quiet and you’re about to have to deal with people that are noisy, Trump hating / loving crumb-trails. It’s about to get really stressful. Are you ready?

My .02. Try to put the phone down. Close the laptop. No Facebook. Minimal email. Try to unplug. Go outside. Look up at the sky. Wow…the frame rate is amazing. Everything’s so real. The sunlight. The colors. Those shadows…are…practically perfect. Hey everyone…I’m going for a walk. Who wants to come? No one? Okay. Namaste.

Be in the moment. Breathe.

That’s my advice.

See you next year.

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