Budapest… The Birthplace of BIM?


Budapest has been regarded as a city of many things during it’s lifetime… Paris of the East (although Wikipedia list 20 cities with this title so it may be a little dubious), City of Smiles, City of Spas, City of Paradox.  Given that this year’s RTC Europe conference is being held here, it may seem a little ironic given that some people firmly believe with Graphisoft’s ArchiCAD being developed here between 1982 and 1987, Budapest is the birthplace of BIM.  Refer to Wikipedia’s entry here.

It is certainly true that BIM in many peoples’s mind now is well beyond a platform decision but rather a process or methodology for developing the built environment.  Whilst RTC is in Graphisoft’s hometown, it might bode well to have a listen to one of it’s Budapest’s innovators share the story of how his company’s journey pioneered and shaped the BIM space we all enjoy.

The Graphisoft Story – Gabor Bojar

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