Building Content, International Differences, and Phone Shopping (Number 8 will leave you speechless!)

I spent last week working on Building Content related to Vertical Circulation Lobby Spaces… That is, making Elevator Controls, Lights, Exit Signs, Indicators, Doorways, and so on.  Naturally, I’ve enjoyed it, as making all of the small nuts and bolts of the pieces is of particular enjoyment to me. I used some Google image searches to come up with some baseline design guides for the flexibility between options that I wanted to have, and I went to work on them.Cpr9ctAUIAEYHwD

I was pretty happy with how they were coming out. But, some unexpected family circumstances came up, and I found myself in airports, heading back to rural upstate New York. When I landed at Syracuse’s Hancock Airport (I hadn’t been there in a while) I was looking at the signage, and noticing the things that were different from DFW’s signage, back home. (Obviously a lot of airport signage is now on TV screens, for flexibility, but I digress). Okay, honestly, what freaked me out was the Exit Door Security Portals. I didn’t even know those were a thing. A little tiny room I go in (to leave), that I have to wait to be let out of. Alrighty then. It got me thinking about the Elevator Content I was working on:

When it comes to differences in International Markets, do those get accounted for as Building Content gets created for Distribution? Obviously everything shown above is built mainly for use in the United States, hence having a bias towards that countries symbologies… But surely the same (or similar) elevator manufacturers make parts to be used in other countries, that use different shapes, symbols, and looks, yes?  (I mean, our exit signs are (generally) Red and have text that says EXIT), whereas in the UK they have what I call The Running Man Exit Sign.  Wowzers, I’ve never modeled one of those before (but now I feel like I should).

Then I got to thinking:  You know what would be amazing?  If I could round up some BIM geeks (each one from a different region) and we could basically throw out pieces of content, one at a time, and whomever didn’t throw the content out had to modify it to be assimilated to what their country or region would actually use. Imagine a workshop where that kind of collaboration could happen?  That would be sweet.

Well, that specific example isn’t an exact workshop that will be happening at BCS: Europe. But, yes:  There will be Workshops at BCS Europe. Specific workshops tailored to solving specific content problems or  issues. I’m excited to be a part of the workshops, and I hope you are excited to be attending BCS Europe, too.

If you haven’t checked out the Schedule for the Porto Building Content Summit on October 19th, you can see it here at (under schedule). Perspectives and Rebuttals meant to whet the appetite for discussing our perceptions about the real issues, and then workshops to hammer out solutions to particular problems.  I will be there, and i’m hoping you will too!


(p.s.- I said in the title that part of this meandering post was also about Phone Shopping… And it’s relevant to BCS, I swear! You’ll have to track me down at the event to find out how, though! (Because I’m too tired to type it, now that I remembered…))


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