Building Content Summit 2016- From Scottsdale to Porto!

It’s hard to believe an entire month has passed, since we were assembling in Scottsdale for the second Building Content Summit, prior to RTC North America.

Typically, I spent the first week back in the office after RTC sort of “decompressing,” and then slowly dive in to the materials, handouts, ideas, and contacts I made during the week at RTC. That has been true this year as well, except- for me- some of the dialogues that were started at the Building Content Summit earlier in the week, have been ongoing since leaving BCS. During the rest of the week at RTC North America, I was passing folks from BCS in the halls, and we would carry on about this topic or that, in between tending to the functions that were happening at RTC. (A pair of us were scolded for talking during the RTC Speaker Function, but we were still debating a particular topic from BCS that we couldn’t let go!) Some of those ideas, and concepts were things mentioned during the Perspectives and Synapses sessions, which brought a lot of interesting ideas to the table:

Jason Bailey showed off some workflows and tools he procured from Nathan Miller at Proving Ground, that had a lot of people taking pictures of his screen while he worked.



In addition, some presentations were more about telling the *story* of what content is (and what it needs to be) and took on more of a lifecycle approach.  Sarah Parila of Trimble, told us The Story of a Lamp, an approach to making a case for workflows and procedures that is near and dear to my heart, because nothing provides the justification for workflows and standards like telling the story of what those workflows and standards need to accomplish.


For me, one of the most entertaining places to be was the Engine Room, where several of us volunteered as “Experts,” to hang around and be on hand to help other attendees with content issues, questions, or workflows they had questions about. (Don’t mind Wes in the picture, he wasn’t pretending to be an expert, or anything….). Aside from the fact that we had some amazing conversations out in the Engine Room (I had great talks with attendees, other experts, other table top sponsors, all together), some of the questions I got to investigate were wild, too. (I’m looking at you, awesome person with the very large building form done with crazy parametric adaptive components placed on nodes brought in from grasshopper, that we couldn’t share a screen shot of but it was so awesome I wanted to…).  There was even some time to dive down in to some nitty gritty content issues, that I didn’t think we would get to in the Engine Room: I dissected a chair with some attendees, and some office equipment, then we looked at Building Model Performance related to that content (kudos to Steven Campbell, from Autodesk, for partaking in that conversation as the sole Autodesker!)


And then in a flash… It was over, and we were getting ready for RTC North America. A month later, I’m back in the office and working away (on more awesome Content!!), and I’m happy to remember that the Building Content Summit ISN’T DONE YET, for the 2016 year:  It is happening right before RTCEUR in Porto, on Wednesday 19th, October 2016. As the first Building Content Summit to be hosted at the Europe destination, BCS will be packed in to a single day, prior to the RTCEUR event. If you haven’t registered yet, there is still time to catch a flight a day early, and come talk content with the best and the brightest.

You might even be as lucky as me, and get to dance… With a viking. Who’s in a bathrobe.


Check out the Building Content Summit, at, or email any questions you have to  If you are still having trouble convincing management that the Building Content Summit in Porto is something you NEED to attend, email me at the BuildConSum email address, and I’ll send you five things I learned about at BCS, that I didn’t previously know about, in the BIM Content World, that have a measurable impact on my work, and profitability. If that doesn’t convince them, what will? Hope to see you there!


-AM aka Twiceroadsfool aka Socks aka RTCSwimTeam

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