Building Content Summit (BCS) North America – Speaker Line Up Confirmed!

I am very pleased to let you know the Building Content Summit (BCS) North America 2018 speakers have been confirmed, and the sessions are now available for all BILT/BCS attendees to add to their agenda.

Across the two-day BCS program, August 9 and 10, (co-located with BILT and with sessions available to BILT attendees), there are five plenary sessions (including keynote), four roundtable sessions and a practitioner panel.

We can now reveal the plenary line up is as follows…

KEYNOTE: Fourth Industrial Revolution and AEC Industry Reboot

Tomislav Žigo, Vice President – Virtual Design and Construction, Clayco

Today’s construction practices are destined to become anachronisms in the foreseeable future. Both the current speed of innovation and the paradigm shift of the fourth industrial revolution are destined to have a profound impact on the AEC industry, and that change is happening right now in front of our eyes. The disruption introduced by the reality of robotics, the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial intelligence (AI), and by immersive and augmented reality represents a wakeup call for closer alignment with the principles of the manufacturing Industry. But, the need for twenty first century industrial transformation is in real need for being realized through the adoption of proven processes such as Concurrent Engineering, Product Lifecycle Management and resources optimization. This presentation focuses on Clayco’s vertical integration and highly consolidated project procurement cycle aided by the targeted use of technology solutions as an attempt to accelerate the rebirth of AEC industry

Architectural and MEP Content – A Manufacturers Perspective

Don Bokmiller, BIM Specialist Communications Global Marketing, Schneider Electric

In this session we’ll traverse the world of manufacturer-provided content. Don Bokmiller, BIM Specialist with Schneider Electric will lead a discussion on the advantages and disadvantages of manufacturer content over building your own, best practices for delivering and managing that content and the evolution needed to accommodate VR, AR and AI.

Bring your questions and be ready to share your experiences!

BIM Content for Miles: How to Scale Content For Transportation Projects

Jim Reis, Business Area Director of Trimble MEP Division

For transportation projects valued in the billions, short completion dates, miles of tracks, and multiple unique stations and storage facilities, BIM is a must. With the demand for these types of infrastructure projects rising, competition is getting fierce. Can BIM content scale during projects that go on for miles— literally? In this presentation, you’ll learn how to scale content for transportation projects and how Trimble is using BIM to shape the future of transportation infrastructure by offering the tools needed to complete miles of projects in record-breaking time.

Configure, Automate, Innovate: Industrialized BIM in a World of Variation

Ken Flannigan, KONE

Vertical transportation equipment is, by nature, highly configurable. To put the opportunity and challenge in perspective, there are more possible configurations of just KONE equipment than there are stars in the Milky Way galaxy (that’s 100 billion).

On top of the configuration variety, we are challenged by the wide variations of project expectations regarding BIM.

It has been a focus of KONE’s Technology and Innovation group to bring digital intelligence and automation to bear on these issues and what we’ve learned stretches far beyond configuring products and takes us into fundamental questions about how we make construction cost decisions, communicate digitally, and even how people move through our built environments.

Join Ken Flannigan, BIM Solution Owner at KONE, to learn how designers and builders interact and benefit from industrialized BIM workflows to aid in the planning of a project’s vertical transportation solutions.

The Common Thread of Building Product Content to 3D/4D/5D BIM in the Cloud

Marc Goldman, Vice President, HxGN SMART Build

HxGN SMART Build intelligently links model, schedule and cost information to optimize construction planning and execution. Join us for this informative session which sheds light on the importance of Building Product Content through-out the BIM based project lifecycle.

From importing 3D models and packaging work that can be assigned and taken into the field, to forecasting costs and timelines, to performing digital layout for accurate construction execution, this session will walk you through several ways HxGN SMART Build is used throughout the construction project, highlighting the value of high-quality building product content at various stages of the project.

Learn more about our BCS Speakers here.


Now our focus shifts to the BCS Roundtable Sessions and the topics at each table. Most of our speakers will host a table following their presentations and we have table sponsorship/hosting available at US$1000.00 each (only 6 available). If you are interested in hosting a table you can book a place via this link, partner portal.  Or you can express your interest by emailing

All event information can be found here


See you in St Louis!


Randall Stevens

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