Building Content Summit NA 2016- What’s in the Program for the event?

While polishing up my handouts for my RTCAUS classes, I was reviewing the ANZRS BIM Content Standards, against my own internal-selfishly-designed BIM Content standards, and I said to my wife *Every time I read a new set of BIM Standards, it makes me want to write a book on all of the BIM Standards*  which- of course- reminded me of an offhand comment that was made while I was in a meeting with a group of designers a few weeks ago: The only good BIM Standard is the one that isn’t written down yet. While it was obviously made in jest, it got me to thinking about BCS and the discussions that will be taking place while we are there. Which brings me to:

What WILL be going on at the Building Content Summit? What is the agenda for the event?

Firstly: There will be a series of *Perspectives,* or approximately 75 minute presentations geared towards highlighting the challenges, issues, and workflows surrounding Building Content during the different phases of an AEC Project. There is a great lineup of presenters giving these Perspectives, and they will be covering some interesting ground and project types (including a convention center and an Airport!) that I’m looking forward to hearing- and getting to talk with them- about!

Secondly: The perspectives will not be the only thing going on, at one time:  There will also be a couple of streams of 30 minute Synapse sessions (8-10 of these in total), where presenters can show off a deep-dive, or some in-depth information on a zeroed-in topic. We have some great Synapse sessions lined up, including: Jason Bailey (from HDR) focusing on Content Strategies for the Large Firm; Kevin Kochman of KCL, on how Content Standards Pave the way to Success (come meet the designers with me, ha!), and Amanda Comunale from Victaulic, leading a Synapse on Build, Buy, or Punt? (I am particularly intrigued to attend the last one, as that’s a topic I find myself discussing with a lot of clients these days!).

Thirdly (there is still more…):  There will be a Panel on Standards. I always enjoy when there is more than one expert sharing the stage, with something that is malleable as BIM Content as the subject. Opinions and thoughts can be quite diverse, in such an event!

Fourthly, the Content ER: As you may have read in Bob Weygant’s blog post, this year’s BCS event in North America will also feature an Engine Room, aka Content ER: Bring the content that you have questions about, or that you are frustrated with, or that is under-performing for you in your practice, and talk/troubleshoot/repair it with Content Experts. If you are a manufacturer, bring YOUR content, and get it reviewed by experts (maybe it’s not as great as it could be: Get help making it even better!) Were lining of “Experts” from all of the BIM Platforms, to be on hand throughout the entire event.

If allllllll of that above isn’t enough to get Firm Management to let you pull the trigger, also remind them that there aren’t many opportunities to network with almost 200 people who are all focused on the discussion of BIM Content, and how it relates to success for all of us in the industry. We already have folks from all stages of AEC projects (including Facilities and Management, Construction and Fabrication, Design Engineering, Architectural Design, Structural Design), as well as Software manufacturers and Standards Committees all set to attend… All we need now is you!

Register at, and I’ll see you there in July!

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