Building Content Summit- Schedule of Events and Sessions!

In five weeks and six days, the second Building Content Summit will kick off, preceding the North American RTC Event. Have you signed up for BCS yet?  If not, the schedule is very close to being finalized, and here is what you can look forward to during this two day event:




Monday, after kicking off with the BCS Chairman’s words (and a couple of notes from our sponsors) we have two intriguing keynote speakers, to get things started. (One of which will be announced soon, but you won’t want to miss either!)  After the Morning Tea session, we will introduce you to the Engine Room, a place to go talk or strategize with experts on building, editing, or working through problems with Building Content. The Engine Room will be running during all sessions, as a place you can stop in or visit to see what kind of action is going on there. Experts will be on hand to work through content issues with you!

After introductions, the BCS format will break in to three rooms;  The Engine Room, the Perspectives Sessions, and the Synapse sessions.  The Perspectives will be 75 minute presentations on the issues and workflows surround content, at different Phases of the project life-cycle. While those are going on, the Synapse Sessions will be 30 minute “Deep Dives” on specific issues, workflows, and/or solutions that teams have come up with, in Building Content.  Some content providers, some content end users, and some product manufacturers will be presenting various topics in both the Perspectives and the Synapse Sessions.  Click on the schedule screenshots here to get a better idea of what you can attend!



To check out the schedule on the Building Content Summit webpage, use this link.  After you have decided what sessions you want to participate in, you can register for the Building Content Summit at the bottom of the BCS Home Page.

If Management is *STILL* on the fence about the potential value of attending this two day session, reach out to us at, or on twitter at @BuildConSum.  We will connect you with attendees from last year, to speak about the value gained from attending.  Five weeks and Six days from now, we will see you in Scottsdale Arizona!

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