Can BIM content scale during projects that go on for miles?

At this year’s BCS event we have a fascinating session presented by Jim Reis, Business Area Director of Trimble MEP Division titled BIM Content for Miles: How to Scale Content For Transportation Projects. Come and listen to a different opinion and approach from a company that knows all about infrastructure projects. As we are in the great Union station this year we thought the transportation theme would be great to focus on and so Jim will be focusing his presentation on a couple of specific projects. Valued in the billions, short completion dates, miles of tracks, and multiple unique stations and storage facilities, BIM is a must. With the demand for these types of infrastructure projects rising, competition is getting fierce. Can BIM content scale during projects that go on for miles— literally? In this presentation, you’ll learn how to scale content for transportation projects and how Trimble is using BIM to shape the future of transportation infrastructure by offering the tools needed to complete miles of projects in record-breaking time.

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