Cannon Design Award RTC Ticket to BIM Winner

Cannon Design recently held an internal BIM writing competition. It was launched affectionately on Valentine’s Day with the topic of “I (heart) BIM”. They received a wealth of creative submissions, both from within Cannon Design and from outside the firm. At stake was a free pass to attend RTCUSA in Stone Mountain, GA next month.

They whittled all the submissions down to three eligible entries selected as semi-finalists were Lauren Coles (LA), Carl Karlen (STL), and Deborah MacPherson (DC) They then asked a small panel of selected judges to vote on the semi-finalists to choose the winning author.

Cannon Design is thrilled to announce that the winner of their first ever BIM writing competition is Lauren Coles. Congratulations to Lauren!

This is her winning submission.

There is no “I” in team. But, there is an “I” in BIM. What exactly is this “I” in BIM? For me, it is the reason “I” use BIM.
What makes BIM special is the “I”nformation you can create and obtain. Unlike any mass‐based modeling program, BIM programs allow you to schedule, tag and quantify drawings (with ease!). You are even able to create special parameters that can help with design diagramming as well as creating quantity take‐offs for pricing purposes. This process makes EVERY team member become part of the BIM “I”. With BIM, teamwork includes an “I”.

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