Clients/Owners? We’ve Got You Covered at BILT NA!

Are you an Client or owner and want to attend BILT NA, but are not sure which classes are suitable for you? In this blog post, we will guide you through the highlights of our program giving you some recommendations on classes we think are just right for you. So let’s get started:


We start Day one with a choice of classes with

  •  HVE ConneXions Virtual GPU Success in the AEC Arena,  by David Harmon, HVE ConneXions who will cover HVE ConneXions purposed built vGPU hardware, virtual desktop reference architecture and how this solution is helping AEC firms delivery next-generation vGPU private cloud within their organization globally.

Or if you’re not interested in Hardware, we also have

  • “BIM City: Master Planning in Revit, Adam Lowenthal, RAMSA who will show you what it takes to successfully build a 9 million square foot mixed-use development with more than 100 buildings in Revit.
  • Strategic Disruption: Using Extended Intelligence to Go from Design Process to Design Product, Satya Basu, Perkins + Will which will explore the disruptive concept of Design as a Product. A much more strategic and overarching discussion.

After lunch we also have some of our BIM superstars and regulars on the BILT schedule including:

  • Sensors for Everyone: IoT for AEC, Carl Storms, IMAGINiT who will show you what the Internet of Things (IoT) is, and how it is being integrated into the AEC industry. We will look at personal and office uses, as well as some of the issue that face IoT adoption.
  • God is in the Data (Room Data Sheets and Equipment Books: Fast, Free (mostly), and Easy), Aaron Maller, Parallax Team, Inc. This class walks through a workflow- using nothing but Revit, Dynamo(not required), Microsoft Excel and Word to generate RDS/FEE books from a BIM export.
  • Developing BIM from Existing Conditions, Mark McKinley, HHMI Janelia – This is a presentation of lessons learned and a systematic approach to developing a system based FM capable BIM from existing conditions.

Quite a program for one day. But we won’t stop here.

Day two, now that we are all in full conference learning mode, we have an interesting opener –

  • Lessons in disruption: Hyperloop Safety & Regulatory approach, Andrea Vaccaro, Virgin Hyperloop One – developing and building the world’s fastest train systems is an amazing feat, and Andrea’s session is one not to be missed.
  • FM Systems and Revit: Modeling for Facility Management, Chris Lindo, CADD Microsystems: For facility operations, a Revit model can be assigned specific space information for new construction, operations information, and asset management. Using the FM-Systems plugin, that information can populate the FM Systems program to be used for your facility management team.

After lunch you can see:

  • Business Decisions from BIM Analytics, Adam Roth, Henderson Engineers Inc. where you learn how you can utilize the Revit API to automate the collection of data across your organization. You will see how to analyze and visualize this data. And we will discuss how this data can be transformed into information that can benefit your organization
  • or Evolution of BIM Execution Plans, Sonny Andalis, AECOM where you will learn to develop a BIM Execution plan to map out what the client wants, what you can deliver and what is beneficial to other project team members who will be using the models you contributed.

The Final day has come and some of us might still be a little bit tired from two long nights out on the town discussing what we’ve learnt – but no reason to miss:

  • Using NoSQL to Easily Store Unlimited Data in the Cloud, Stephen Faust, Revolution Design Who will show you how to store data in the cloud. if your application needs to store large amounts of data in a DB accessible from anywhere NoSQL may be your answer.
  • Case Study: Exploring the Value of Laser Scanning and Modeling on Large Renovation Projects, Eric Bogenschutz, HOK. This presentation will look at how 3D laser scanning was used to document 18 buildings on a large medical campus at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri. We will discuss why laser scanning was used on this project and the value it brought to the design team and the owner.

And to finish off the conference we have:

  • Case Study: Communicating Scale Through Mobile VR for the CSTM Conservation and Collection Centre, Jackson Fung, Diamond Schmitt Architects where you’ll see how they were able to help their client understand scale through VR before construction and avoid updates to construction documentation and visualisation without needing to re-build geometry.
  • Enhanced Integration: Connecting the Disjointed Lifecycle of the AEC/O Industry, Marin Pastar, Bates this sessions provides an overview of how leveraging BIM and VDC technologies throughout the complete project life-cycle connects the disjointed AEC/O teams and increases efficiency by implementing federated as-built models and asset data into an Integrated Workplace Management (IWMS) platform at project turn-over, on top of streamlining the design and construction process.

Feeling exhausted – the Gala Dinner is within close reach.

I’ll see you in St Louis!

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