Collaborate with Experts (Who!?), in the BCS Engine Room!

Have you ever wanted to bounce ideas or troubleshoot BIM Content with some of the experts from the BIM Community? Here is your chance! During both days of the Building Content Summit, experts will be staffing the Engine Room ready to talk/troubleshoot/work on content with you.

Ask about “how this should be built,” strategize library setups, talk about content standards and what’s working and what’s not, get an expert to evaluate your content or libraries that are in progress. We have quite a list of experts. Staffing the Engine Room during the two days will be (alphabetical order):

Steve Campbell, Autodesk, Developer
Jose Fandos,
Andekan, Content Creator (MEP)
Ben Glunz, Anglueris, Content Creator (Multi Discipline)
Andrew Kopp, Sumex Design, Content Creator (Multi Discipline)
Brian Mackey, BD Mackey Consulting, Consumer (Multi Discipline)
Desiree Mackey, Martin+Martin, Consumer (Structural)
Aaron Maller, Parallax Team, Content Creator (Multi Discipline)/Consumer
Steve Stafford, AEC Advantage, Consumer (Multi Discipline)
Robert Weygant, Sumex Design, Content Creator (MEP)

Their time in the Engine Room is dedicated to YOU and the issues with Content that you have. This is your chance to get your content in order, with the help of one (or more!) experts!

Come attend the Building Content Summit, July 11-12 in Scottsdale Arizona!  For more information, or to register, go to and get signed up today!

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