Committee Confessions Chapter 10: What’s in a location?


This week, Committee Confessions is preparing its return with an interview that our media partner DANISH(tm) did with our chairman Wesley Benn in Toronto.

”With BILT, we don’t just consider opportunities for the delegates to expand their technical and practical knowledge within the building industry, we also look for locations that can contribute to the event by offering fun and inspiring social and cultural engagements, which are often especially important for welcoming our international visitors who may be new to the country. In short, we seek a town worth visiting!” 

These words come from Wesley Benn – architect and local Chairman of RTC Europe Foundation, the non-profit organisation behind the global conferences, BILT, as well as Building Content Summit(BCS) – who, due to his work, tends to travel a lot and typically ends up visiting more than 150 hotels each year

This October, BILT Europe and BCS will take place in Aarhus, Denmark. Architects, engineers and contractors (ed. AEC) will meet for up to five days to promote better communication within the building industry – all with a focus on increasing efficiency and lowering costs within the sector.

According to Wesley Benn: ”The construction industry is one of the four largest industries in the world. However, while the transport and the pharmaceutical industries have shown dramatic increases in efficiency over the past 12 years, the building industry has not. Why is that?”

Wesley Benn explains that this is due to a lack of effective communication between the different players involved in design, fabrication and construction. And the numbers support his story; for instance, 30% of all global construction is rework, often rework because of mistakes and failures that have occurred during the construction phase.

This is also one of the main reasons why he first started the conferences ‘down under’ in Australia back in the year 2002, then focusing on the Revit software as part of the solution.

Initially, he started out just by himself, but now, 16 years later, he works with a full committee consisting of 21 members divided into one executive group and four committees handling one continent each: North America, Asia, Australia/New Zealand and Europe. The last mentioned of these is where the next event is taking place.

”We want to bring people to places where they are able to see new ways of doing construction! Aarhus in Denmark is such a place. The revitalisation this small city has undergone in such a short period of time is absolutely extraordinary!”

Wesley Benn highlights two museums in particular in his excitement about holding the conference in Aarhus. The Museum of Art, Aros, and the archeological museum, Moesgaard. He is also tremendously excited about the city´s new public library, DOKK1, which is also home to the VisitAarhus Convention Bureau, public meeting rooms, public services of the municipality and a huge parking lot underground.

”I’m amazed by the architecture as well as the interior of DOKK1 – the ability of the building to absorb noise and create silent space but at the same time to remain vivid in a homely environment is highly unusual, yet very inspiring!”

ArosMoesgaard and Dokk1 are all buildings created and designed by Danish architects and these have given Wesley Benn the inspiration to add an ”open door” sequence in the BILT Europe programme so that delegates will be able to visit a number of Danish studios and Danish sites and learn more about Danish architecture in a guided Q and A format.

As mentioned the next series of events take place in Aarhus, Denmark:

The Building Content Summit that drives workshops and discussion on data and collaboration through the building lifecycle is held on October 3rd and 4th.

The BILT conference that presents that latest learnings within the digital built environment with more than 77 classes over three days are held on October 5th to 7th.


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