Committee Confessions – Chapter Eight: In Which We Sample The Aarhusian BIM Smorgasbord


1983 years ago, in the midst of the Roman Empire, a boy named Marcus Quintilian was born. He would grow up to be a rhetoric and educator and established the fundamentals of how learning and education were instilled throughout the next handful of centuries. While his teachings are rarely referenced today; the diversity of topics being discussed in our global community surely would receive his praise. As Quintilian put it:

‘Our minds are like our stomachs; they are whetted by the change of their food, and variety supplies both with fresh appetite’.

And boy, do we have variety in place for you when you come to the home of the BIM Viking in October, so you better start BILTing up that appetite for that first week of October because it is going to be packed. This is especially because of the extremely talented and dedicated BIM network in and around Aarhus, BIM AARHUS; who will be chairing a series of activities complementing ‘our’ BCS and BILT events.

Starting on October 2nd and running through to October 6th they are planning a BIM Cooperation Workshop. The workshop will be open to the public to show how modern digital processes change our Building Culture.

The theme will be an interdisciplinary collaboration between Architects, Engineers and Architectural Technologist around an integrated design process, supported by digital models. The participants in the workshop will be students in Denmark and internationally, consisting of smaller multidisciplinary groups.

They will practice BIM cooperation around a predefined case, and constructing building solutions out from reflective, analytical, and contributing creative approaches.

Concurrent with the second day of the BCS event on Wednesday the 4th they will host the Conference ‘BIM Community 2017’ which will seek to provide answers to the question to what extent BIM has changed the world in the ways in which the building and construction industry works. By its international conferences to date, BIM Aarhus has established a thoroughly and detailed overview of BIM all over the world. Now we want to go beyond the technical part of BIM to see BIM in a broader perspective, to understand Building Information Modeling in a social, historical and human context. The ‘BIM Community 2017’ conference will be free and open to registration soon.

In previous blog posts, I have talked a great deal about collaboration and how we grow through inspiration and discourse. If you embrace the community with open arms the rewards you’ll reap will be tenfold. Therefore, as both BCS and ‘BIM Community 2017’ draws to a close, a new set of doors are opened; namely the Open-Door event, where 18 companies representing the AECO industry has come together to create 7-Door event, where 18 companies representing the AECO industry has come together to create 7 unique tours, where you get the opportunity to visit and hear perspectives on themes such as ‘Open BIM’, ‘Collaboration’, ‘Construction Site’, ‘Computational Design’, ‘Technology in Buildings’ and ‘Sustainability’.

Aarhus is unique, with the location of many architectural, engineering and landscape architecture firms centered in the area around Aarhus River. Furthermore, two of the country’s largest contractors have premises and construction sites within walking distance. I hope you will take this opportunity to come to our lovely city a few days before and divulge in all that we offer – now you know that our doors are open for you.

Stay tuned for more details; as we will bring you interviews and stories from all the things taking place in our ‘Week of BIM’. And when you do come visit us; you got to try ‘smorgasbord’ (‘Smørrebrød’ in Danish’). Google might try and convince you that it’s an open sandwich, which is the culinary equivalent of saying BIM is just 3D CAD.

I’ll leave you with this little picture of a nice little ‘Smorgasplace’ situated just a short walk from the BILT venue.


Bon Apetit – or as we say in Danish – Velbekomme



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