Committee Confessions – Chapter Eleven: BILT’ing sustenance



We are one month away from the big kick-off (#ItsAllGoingSmooth)


Both #BuildConSum and #BILTeur present a jam-packed schedule of brain food.  For those of you that have attended one of our events before, you know very well that we have a firm belief that it’s not only good classes and workshops that foster a healthy community – your soul also needs sustenance, so allow me to walk you through the social events taking place over the week. As always expect delicious food and an open bar.


Tuesday – October 3rd: BCS LIVE!

For #BuildConSum delegates the first day ends up with a BIM trivia – where both individuals and groups will be taking centre stage (or chair(s)!. Questions range from obscure BIM trivia such as ‘What was the original name of the software now known as ‘Bentley Architecture’?’ to just geeky trivia as ‘What is Fry’s (from Futurama) blood type?’ spiced up with mind-bending questions on Aarhus.

Justin James in the hot seat at BCS Live – Toronto edition


Prizes range from gimmicky to sheer awesomeness – as depicted below, Benjamin Glunz from BIMsmith won a drone (it later caught on fire though!).

Thursday – October 5th – BILT Welcome Function @ Scandinavian Congress Center

The first day of BILT is like the first day at school. For some, it is the first time and you are just learning the ropes – for others it’s a sweet reunion (and for BCS delegates this will be their third day!). Thursday’s social function is held in our glorious exhibition space; time for you to make new friends and explore the cool ideas being exhibited on the floor.


Friday – October 6th – BIMvikings Unite @ Moesgaard Museum

Friday night we depart for an architectural marvel in the woods, the newly built Moesgaard Museum lays the backdrop for you to find your inner Viking. The exhibits tell not only the story of the Viking heritage and how society developed from our forefathers but also features contemporary exhibitions on mankind’s Foundation; birth, love, belief, fear, loss, rationale and death. It is a magnificent venue, and we have it all to our ourselves. As a special treat, there will be access to two lectures during the evening where the museum will indulge us into how their design and create the exhibits and on the construction of the museum itself.

Saturday – October 7th – The BILT party @ Turbinehallen

Good times extraordinary awaits us at the final feast of the BILT events week. In the stunning Turbinehallen in Aarhus, we will have a proper sit-down dinner. Here we will announce the winner of the Vision 20/20 competition (have you submitted your entry?) A speech or two has been known to be held in the past – and our local band and DJ will revitalise your soul – and no worries; there is room for both awkward and stylish dancers on the floor.


See you all in Aarhus – you can still register here :-)



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