Committee Confessions – Chapter Four: The BIM Bootcamp Epiphany


In the spirit of last week’s chapter on community contribution; I’m going to ask you a favour this week; but before we get there,  allow me to set the stage.

When I started out this series of rambling monologues; I referenced Hemingway and the therapeutic powers of getting one’s thoughts down on paper.  I’ll be picking up on last week’s thread on the BuildingContentSummit; and more specifically one of the epiphanies we’ve had in the past months to make this years #BuildConSum(s) bigger and better.

As a manufacturer, I’ve been a ‘minority’ at BCS and BILT – and yet; most of the discussions and classes evolve around what your can do with – you guessed it – building products. Truth be told; most building product manufacturers don’t know they have a content and / or data problem; yet you, as designers, builders, operators, techies keeps suffering from bad content and data. That’s why we’re ramping up our efforts to target Building Product Manufacturers and we’ll be guiding them as they take their initial steps into our community.

For those of you that are not up to speed on the “Building Content Summit” here’s a little introduction:

The Building Content Summit is an event dedicated to expanding the knowledge of all those involved in creating and maintaining BIM product information by bringing together thought leaders from across the commercial construction arena – Architects, Engineers, Contractors, Owners, Vendors and, most importantly, Building Product Manufacturers. Join us at this 2-day event where you will hear different perspectives, help develop and set trends, connect with other industry participants and learn how to drive a positive ROI through quality BIM content.

Therefore, I am super excited to share that we will be adding a ‘BIM Bootcamp’ in both Toronto and Aarhus, specifically targeted towards manufacturers. In the Bootcamp track we will be engaging an audience that are more familiar with PowerPoint, Business Warehouse and LinkedIn than they are with Dynamo, Revit, Tekla and the wonders of global shared parameters (honestly, we expect them to have zero knowledge of those things).  The outline for the ‘BIM Bootcamp’ track right now is as follows:

  • The BIM101 & 201 courses will provide your sales and marketing personnel the BIM knowledge they will need to develop a comprehensive BIM strategy for your company to create leads and better project visibility.
  • Gain deeper knowledge of what architects, engineers and contractors are doing in BIM to effectively promote your company’s BIM tools and strategy.
  • Listen to how other BPMs and practitioners utilize the tools of the trade to solve many of the same problems you will face related to your digital marketing strategy and BIM.
  • If you sell internationally and need help understanding the BIM ecosystem in different regions and countries, you will have access to BPM’s and service providers that can help you understand what is needed and more importantly what is not.
  • Take advantage of the different workshops and the on-site experts to engage in meaningful conversations with BIM practitioners.

This is where the ‘I need a favour’ enters the stage. Grab a hold of one the manufacturers in your network that you feel could benefit from attending a ‘BIM Bootcamp’ (in fact, that will even make your job easier in the long run – and the whole community will benefit from that) and pass them a link to this blog – or put them in touch with me or Mike Collins.

Essentially our objective is simple; bring together construction industry professionals to provide Building Product Manufacturers visibility into how to influence and market your products in the new digital BIM process.

Stay tuned for the next chapter of committee confession (maybe I’ll be sharing another epiphany with you all :-).


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