Committee Confessions Chapter Seven: In Which BIM Saves The Planet!


Easter this year was really something. And I’m not just writing that because my 4-year old wanted to stake out the Easter Bunny (‘Dad, you eat the meat – I eat the chocolate’).  No – it’s because the weather has been funky around here. People have been walking around like it was Miami Beach – and this morning we had snow…again!

I will spare you from graphically describing the reactions of a 4-year old being told that he is not yet Viking enough to venture out in the Easter Blizzard wearing Bermudas and a T-shirt; suffice to say – he disagreed, but when the dust had settled (which in all fairness was pretty quick), he asked me why it snows when it’s no longer winter.

Personally, I think he’s a little too young for the whole global warming lecture; but you, my dear readers, are not. I know I’m far from the first to link integrated BIM to environmental impact – just look at the UK’s ambition to reduce carbon emissions from construction with 33% by applying BIM methodologies. From my point-of-view, most of the discussion in our industry at large has been around environmental design, efficient products, certification schemes – and not so much on the impact of the BIM workflows themselves; for me being the environmental impact broken down into process improvements, product / solution contribution, optimised design and so forth. I’m not aware of a study that deals with this, but if you know of something; I would be excited to read that.

I full-heartedly believe that what we are trying to BILT in the industry (sorry, is that pun getting old now?) will leave our planet in a better shape than the one my children are currently set to grow up in; perhaps we need to talk more on the planets green ROI of BIM – rather than the banks green ROI…just a thought.

And right about now, you might be thinking, did Marcus not promise back in chapter six that chapter seven would be around some of the really cool stuff that is going on in Aarhus in the week of BILT? Yes, but due to climate change, this has been postponed to chapter 8.

Untill next week – stay Green!



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