Committee Confessions Chapter Six: The Verdict is in!


The last few weeks have been big weeks for BILT Europe; all abstract submissions for BILT Europe received their respective ‘Yay’ or ‘Nay’ verdict. A big congratulation to all who survivors of ‘The Petting Zoo Massacre’ – and a humble bow of respect to all that did not make the cut. A few weeks ago Phil did an excellent write-up of the entire ‘de-selection procedure’ and rather than recreating his arguments; I’ll simply link you in the right direction :-)

So, what else made last week great?

Because it started rather mediocre with me missing my deadline on chapter five of committee confessions (which is up now, so in case you missed it – here is another link!). Last week I had the first European Building Content Summit committee meeting; and I’ll be sure to bring some interviews with the new bunch over the coming weeks. Essentially I am being joined by five extremely talented individuals and together we will do our utmost to make the #BCSEUR2017 a rewarding experience.

Allow me to give you a brief introduction to the roster;

  • Emil Edvardsen (Ingeniørne)– MEP engineer who is passionate about developing a natural workflow between Revit and non-Revit users. He also enjoys a good beer with friends.
  • Paul Woddy (Whitefrog)– A Guru (no, he is actually really smart). Is focused on the strategic side of bringing about BIM within companies and the wider market. He also enjoys a good beer with friends.
  • Ville Kyytsönen (Uponor) – Having worked at both Graphisoft and Tekla, Ville is now on the manufacturers side of the table fighting the good fight for building content. He is finnish – so he is expected to enjoy a good vodka with friends.
  • Nicholas Kampmann Petitmaire (3Dbyggeri) – Architect who have worked with content consultancy for the past years. His beard makes him the newest member of the BILT Beard Brothers Community. He also enjoys a good beer with friends.
  • Casper Ludvigsen (3Dbyggeri) – Business ‘Guy’ (like me) who happens to run the operations of a service provider. Will be bringing a bit of structure into the team. He also enjoys a good beer with friends.

It feels extremely good to be able to expand the team, who will also be working together with the #BILTEUR committee to ensure that we make the best overall week. Actually, that brings me to a follow-up on a previous chapter, where I talked about BILTing communities, your input to what would make you block your calendar for #BuildConSum is still very much appreaciated (in fact, we are doing this for you – not just because we all like to work too much ;-) Just to jog your memory, during the the 2 days we are planning to facilitate a series of small-group (8-10 people) workshops where select topics related to BIM content (geometry and data) can be discussed.  We’d like to hear your suggestions for one or more of these workshops.  Please take a few minutes and share your ideas here.

To get the ideas flowing…


  • How should manufacturer files be named for ease of management and use? Who is doing that well?
  • What are the various types of information you need from manufacturers, when and how do you want it delivered?  How does that information vary across the project lifecycle?
  • Would you like to be able to merge manufacturer content directly into your firmwide content libraries with little or no work?  If so, what do manufacturers need to think about to deliver the best content for your needs?
  • Would you rather get manufacturer content directly from a manufacturer’s website or through an aggregator?  Why or why not?
  • If manufacturers could do just one thing to increase the odds of getting into your project/specs what would that be?
  • What can be done to reduce the friction in acquiring content from manufacturers and the information needed to complete a project?
  • Is geometry or data more important in your work?  Why?
  • How does content (regardless of source) fit into your workflow?

Again, click this link  to share your thoughts (and don’t mind that the form says Toronto in the header – we’ll be sharing ideas across the pond).

Stay tuned for next weeks, where chapter seven will let you in on some of the OTHER amazing things that will happen in October (hint: Aarhus has this really cool BIM community; BIMaarhus, who has some great things in the pipeline!).

Till next time,

Stay BIMtastic!




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