Committee Confessions – Chapter Twelve: All the little things…


When I penned the first chapter of this series I quoted Hemmingways musings on the therapeutic powers of writing.  Now, a whole lot of chapters later, I still cherish returning to pen down my thoughts on how a week of conferences comes together. Not that I find it easy (this is probably the sixth time I’m rewriting the introductory lines to the post over the past couple of hours), but in a world where we are constantly instant messaging or answering e-mails in bursts, there is something soothing about taking the time to find the right combination of words to convey one’s message.  Now, one week out, I don’t think reality has really hit me, it almost seems surreal to think of it – ‘in less than a week, the show has started’!

Some would probably argue that making BILT and BuildingContentSummit a reality is an awkward hobby; and some days (and nights) I would phrase that very differently. ;-) It will be the culmination of a week that has been a long time in the making, and that makes me damn proud.  It makes me proud to see the number of firms that entrust us with the continuing education of their workforce, and that local AECO firms are supporting the event on a scale I never thought possible. I am proud of our speakers that dare to present new ideas and challenge existing mainstream or simply just share an inspiring story. I am proud of first-time speakers because it takes f****** guts to present a 75 minute class in front of an international crowd. I am humbled when peers in the community ask for my input – and I am proud to say that I’ve learned it all from you. I am proud of our partners that support and utilise the exhibition space to learn how they together with the rest of us can create new magical and awe-inspiring things.

See, it is all these little things, that makes our little series of events unique and cherished.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll have to go make another final revision of my slide deck; see you all in Aarhus next week!









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