Committee Confessions: Epilogue – Citizen of a Strange Land


Happy New Year – and welcome back ‘on the blog’!

It honestly does not feel like it’s ‘only’ a year (actually its less) since I started these musings under the headline of Committee Confessions. My goal with the series was to give an unfiltered insight into the workings of the European Committee in the year leading up the 2017 conference. A couple of months have passed and the series deserves an epilogue.

What exactly happens after a conference? Does the committee really sleep for 3 months – and then wake up for abstract review? And on that note; are you considering submitting an abstract for this year’s conference?

And while we honestly would not mind sleeping for a couple of months, that is not the case. Right after the closing party (Sunday morning), the evaluations begin – and last for the better part of the day. How we get through this things with so much energy is still beyond me – but we actually cover a LOT of ground; so we know which areas we have to work on for next year’s conference – and THEN we sleep.

We begin with analyzing delegate feedback after a couple of weeks (THANK YOU for all the constructive feedback) and speakers receive their individual evaluation. In order to ensure a consistently high level of speakers and material, we are also looking into what we can do to mentor new speakers more – and make sure the seasoned ones do not slip into the routine. We owe it to you – and ourselves – that we do not fall into the status quo; but retain consistent trajectory of making each conference better than the last (and with the scores you are giving us it’s not easy).

That means we have improvement plans for all parts of the conference, some we will be able to with next year – and some things are out of our control (yes, its rainy in Denmark). I’m sure we will be dropping a few hints and announcement throughout the year on the various improvements we have in the pipeline.

Personally, I look forward to seeing our new initiatives like BILT Academy getting off the ground and new collaborations with other passionate groups in the industry like BIM Show Live 2018 (which also sports a very nice programme and rumor has it might be bringing a BILT prize to the show) as well as getting my BIM on when we start reviewing abstracts by the end of the month. If you have an idea or proposal that you need feedback on before submitting; don’t be a stranger, reach out to me.

I may have started out as a ‘foreigner in a strange land’, but you lot really opened your arms, your hearts, and your brains and made me a citizen in this still strange, but wonderful land. I will now retire my committee member hat – and put on my Chairman attire – so stay tuned for a new series 😊

In the meantime; go finish up that abstract submission for this year’s BILT Europe 2018.


All the best,



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