Content, content, content

Washington DC

This week I’m away from home, in Washington DC for RTC North America. For the next few days, we are going to have some of the brightest and smartest people in this industry coming together. The Design Technology Summit is taking place today, and tomorrow the Building Content Summit (BCS). And this being the first BCS, we couldn’t be more excited about the reception and turnout we’ve received. Then on Thursday, RTC North America kicks off with presentations, classes, and labs, all offered by fantastic speakers – too good to miss.

I arrived yesterday and have already had great catchups, received the best advice on some issues I’ve faced on projects at Buro Happold — thanks Troy! — and had a good deal of fun.

It’s all about content – not just Revit content or building models, but also about all those sessions, conversations, meetings and social events that will take place. And all this will happen in Europe too, in just a few short months, so if you are planning on attending and haven’t done so, register now before it’s too late.



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