Countdown is on! 3 Weeks!


The countdown is on and we are less than a month away from the inaugural Building Content Summit!

The morning sessions of the Building Content Summit look to be very interesting.  There will be a keynote speaker kicking off the summit.  Following the keynote there will be a 15 to 20 minute presentation from all three groups represented at the BCS: manufacturers, designers, and third part vendors. After each presentation the opposing two groups will have a chance to add their opinions and thoughts to each presentation. This is a chance for everyone to participate in the discussions.

I am personally looking forward to hearing from other manufacturers on the issues they face; whether they are seasoned in building content or just beginning. I am particularly interested to hear feedback from the users of the content and the directions that the service providers are taking to assist manufacturers.

I do agree with Aaron Maller who posted previously that we spend too much time fighting over content standards and need to start to consider content strategies.   We will never have one standard that meets everyone’s needs.  There is just too much variation with the actual building products to ever decide on which standards to adhere to.

It’s my hope that this is just one of many subjects that will be discussed during the BCS.

The current registration contains an impressive list of companies who will be attending.  It’s terrific to see this amount of interest from companies who realize the importance of quality building content as well as expanding the amount of content available.

The dialog shouldn’t end with the conclusion of the summit but should be the beginning of an ongoing conversation that will continue to improve building content.  My hope is that somewhere in the future, this summit will help drive and define what should be designed into BIM content, which would help with both the interoperability and industry acceptance.

-Ken Nasatka, Victaulic

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