Counting down: BILT ANZ launch tomorrow

The schedule for the inaugural BILT ANZ 2017 will be launched tomorrow, and although I might be a little biased, it is an impressive line up.  Whatever your interest in technology and the built environment there will be a great selection of sessions to choose from.

Today’s blog post is focused upon our ARCHICAD users.  For me personally the journey from a stand-alone ARCHICON event in 2015, to the co-location with RTC in 2016, to now where there will be no solo events, but a fully integrated 3-day event for the whole AECO Industry has been well worth it. I believe BILT will provide attendees with the greatest choice of any BIM event in Australasia.

With 8-9 streams running concurrently there is so much choice that initially the sessions that would be of most benefit or interest to ARCHICAD users might not be obvious. To assist you,  I would suggest selecting the following sessions as part of your Registration to BILT ANZ 2017 – although also remember that one of the benefits of the integrated event is that you can choose any sessions that spark your interest!


Session 1.1 – Opening Plenary

An important session to attend to understand the purpose of the event with the Introduction from Region Chair Chris Needham, but also to listen to our event keynote Dr. Louise Mahler.

Session 1.2 – Australia 108: Open Source BIM on a 100 Storey supertall: Craig Baudin

Craig will share his experiences using Open BIM collaboration on one of FKA’s latest projects in Melbourne.

Session 1.3 – I would suggest any of the following sessions:

Industry Updates: Chris Penn

Construction Planning: Challenge Your Thinking! : Michael Cook

Understanding the Fundamental Concepts of a VDC Process: Tyrone Padayachee

All of these presentations although not focused on the use of ARCHICAD will provide ARCHICAD Users context into where the industry is heading and how other users in BIM processes will use models downstream.

Session 1.4 – Back to the Future BIM: Jon Mirtschin

I have always enjoyed watching Jon’s presentations, and although focused on structure he will be sharing his experiences working on FKA’s Eureka Tower. His presentation should give an insight for ARCHICAD users into how Structural Engineer’s work on the other side.

Session 1.5 – Daniel Davis: WeWork

We are excited to be able to announce Daniel Davis will be presenting a session based upon the research and projects he has been undertaking at WeWork over the last few years in using automation, data gathering and machine learning to drive design.  Further details will be released shortly but this session is sure to demonstrate some interesting possibilities as to how technology can be applied to the design process.

Session 2.1 – Not Getting Lost in Translation – Revit & IFC: Melanie Tristram

I have high hopes for this session. For ARCHICAD users it will enable you to understand how your collaborators using Revit work within their software to import / export IFC files. Learning about the other side will provide you with opportunities to collaborate more effectively in the future.

Session 2.2 – Managing Massive Models: Matthew Johnson

Modelling large projects bring a lot of challenges. Matthew will share techniques including the use of modules to make large project modelling less of a burden and save you time managing your project files.

Session 2.3 – Modelling for 5D Quantities: A BIM Manager’s Guide for Specifying Model Content: Scott Beazley

Scott will share his research from the QS side and his suggested model geometry and data requirements. This session will act as an enabler / starting point for your modelling for estimation purposes.

or Option 2 – Open BIM Model Checking Workflow Using Solibri Model Checker: Mark Horrocks (Double Lab – Session 2.3 + 2.4)

Participate in a, hands on Lab and learn how to use Solibri Model Checker and learn how to use the software to perform checks on your model and your collaborators models.

Session 2.4 – IFC Fundamentals – Getting it right out of ARCHICAD: Nathan Hildebrandt

Learn about the number of important tasks that need to be incorporated into your practices’ workflow for sending and receiving IFC files, to prevent the issues you face when you just save or open files.

Session 2.5 – The Great BIM Debate! That BIM Saves Money At Every Project Stage: Panel

I like a good debate. The panel will deliver an honest and open debate on the real life costs / savings they have experienced using BIM. This session will provide a better insight into the current status of the industry and benefits / challenges of BIM.

Session 3.1 – GDL – Do you speak it? : Lachlan Green

GDL is one of the least understood and under utilised capabilities within ARCHICAD. In this session Lachlan will provide some basic training to enable attendees to build some basic GDL objects.

Session 3.2 – BIM 4 the Retail Giants – Leveraging Data: Judith Najee

In a case study from a client / user experience, Judith will share her experiences and journey to building an efficient workflow for retail fit outs using databases and GDL.

Session 3.3 – True Parametrics – A How To Guide: Kristian Bursell

Following on from Lachlan’s session 3.1 Kristian will provide an intermediate level session on GDL and how to benefit from its parametric possibilities.

Session 3.4 – I would suggest either of the following sessions.

Developing BIM Strategies between Consultants: Melanie Tristram

IFC Used in Anger… At Least On A Medium Rise Residential Building: Scott Beazley

James Cook University’s quality-driven BIM for FM enables Intelligent Asset Management: Don Hitchcock

All of these sessions although not directly related to ARCHICAD will provide you an insight into collaboration from the Business Strategy perspective, IFC workflow issues and a Facility Management case study.

Session 3.5 – Closing Plenary

The closing session is always a fun one. The exact content of the session is still being finalised but be sure it will be fun and informative.

Note that these sessions are only a suggestion and there is a lot more variety at the event that may be of interest to you. Prior to registering make sure that you head to the program page on the website. Here you can click on sessions to get more information about each presentation to help you decide which sessions are relevant and of interest to you.

I look forward to seeing ARCHICAD users at BILT ANZ 2017.

*Note: Sessions noted are correct at time of publishing this blog post. Note that sessions may change without notice. Please refer to the event website for the most up to date sessions.

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