Coyote calling, it has begun!

With the Building Content Summit already coming to a close, and BILT getting ready to kick off on Thursday, it’s worth having a quick recap of what is happening this week, and how it reflects our broader goals. Our organisational vision is to be “recognised as a trusted builder of communities dedicated to the built environment” and in recognition of this, we have begun to work harder to support and enhance the existing local community wherever we go.

In Aarhus, this has meant the connection with BIMAarhus, a vibrant and active community here that pulls in industry participants, secondary and tertiary education institutions, and the city infrastructure to support the AEC community throughout Denmark – and that now reaches well beyond those boundaries as well. Our next conference, BILT Asia in Singapore at the beginning of April next year, will benefit from strong connections to the Building Construction Authority, the Singapore Institute of Architects, the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors, and several others. All of this helps us to offer our support to local communities, but it also provides the environment within which we can offer our event attendees deeper connections and opportunities to understand and appreciate more of the local culture, work environment, methodology and outcomes.

Back to Aarhus… I hope many of you that are in town for RTC week took part in the OpenDoor program; with over 160 registered we have been delighted with the response (every tour ended up fully booked). Please be sure to tell us what you think, and if we should be trying to make this happen elsewhere! If you aren’t in Aarhus this week, the OpenDoor program, organised and managed by BIMAarhus, has seen more than a dozen local firms – architects, engineers, and contractors – ‘open their doors’ for tours that give attendees the opportunity to see their work, chat with their senior people, and learn about AEC practice in the Danish context. On top of this, there is the “Bim Community 2017” conference and workshop this week. We are pleased with the range of activities and added depth that has come about through the energy, enthusiasm, and sheer hard work of the local community, and want to see this happen all around the world! Well done BIM Aarhus, we are impressed with what you have done and proud to be involved with your organisation. BILT – Barriers to Information Linkage, Terminated!

If you are in town for BILT, we have a big announcement to make at the event, our next step in building the community and fostering change and improvement. We are very excited about it and hope that you will be too – there is the opportunity for you to get involved, so watch this space! At our events next year there will be some more news on how we are changing and growing to respond to the needs of the community, but I will save the rest for those events. ;-) Hold the Line!


PS. For those who aren’t so sure, the title and last line are from Peter Gabriel……

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